How to Create and Use a Voter Persona for Your Political Robocalls

Democrat or Republican: we can all agree that any politician’s word should be taken with…

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smart scheduler - find the best times to call

Smart Scheduler – Find the best times to call voters

We released the Dynamic dialer last month to help campaigns project a local presence by dynamically…

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local presence auto dialer

Local presence auto dialer

If your sales offices are spread across the country or possibly the world and your…

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searchable phonebook and recordings

UI Improvements: Searchable phonebooks and audio files

We’ve made small but very helpful changes to our user interface. We’ve added searchable elements…

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The changing face of US election campaigns

US election campaigns have certainly evolved over the years. Access to better technology, more information and…

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How to convert Leads into Customers with Voice Broadcasting and Email

Convert Leads into Customers with Voice Broadcasting and Email

Automating your marketing campaign can save you loads of time and effort in addition to…

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CallHub multi transfer

New Feature : Multi Transfer campaigns

This feature has been often requested and widely sought-after and now we have finally added…

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CEF award - CallHub wins award for Successful use of Technology

CallHub wins an award

Phone Banking by CallHub wins an award! We are thrilled to announce that CallHub won…

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Spread your message through CallHub

Common Use Cases of Political Campaigns and Non-Profit Organisations

  Many political campaigns and non-profit organisations use voice and text broadcasting software. We noted down…

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Political Calling Made Easy

“What if voter data, the building block for democracy, was freely available for campaigns to…

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