Best Practices for Effective Telemarketing Campaigns

November 6, 2013 - 3 minutes read

effective telemarketing campaigns

We have many companies using CallHub for their telemarketing campaigns. While many companies are thrilled with the number of leads that they get from their campaigns, some companies do not see good results. We put together some best practices that works in effective telemarketing campaigns.

1. Disable Answering Machine Detection

Good telemarketing campaigns are targeted towards people answering the phone not answering machines. All answering machine detection algorithms takes a few seconds, after the phone call has been answered, to figure out if a human or a machine answered the call. These few seconds will result in few seconds of silence when a human answers the phone. Most people tend to hangup during this silence.

The campaign is most effective when you can get a live person on the phone. Always optimize your telemarketing campaigns for this use-case.

2. Speak slowly and clearly

 The message is the most important factor that determines the success of your campaigns. Speaking slowly establishes authority over the phone. Effective telemarketing campaigns have a crisp message that is delivered slowly and clearly. Long messages and messages that are spoken fast gets the least number of responses in our research. Many people try to save money by talking too fast. This is being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Take your time to record a short but clear message.

3. Use a qualified list of contacts

Here is how you save money. Pre-qualify the list of people that you contact. A little bit of effort to apply some basic filtering will give you better quality leads and save you money in your campaigns. The telemarketing campaigns that call all the phone numbers from the telephone directory perform the worst.

4. Call in the mornings

Calling people in their mornings works the best. The best telemarketing campaigns call their contacts before noon. We can only speculate on why it works this way. Maybe people are fresh and more receptive in the mornings.

We find campaigns performing 5 times better in the mornings compared to the same campaign in the afternoon.

5. Give more than usual

Last but not the least, the offer in your telemarketing campaigns must be better than your regular offer. Give people a reason to listen to your message and become your customers.

Customers who convert this way also become more receptive to your future offers.

Photo Credit: CC Image by Koshyk