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Personalized Campaigning with Custom Fields

Published: Sep 6, 2017

How many tools do you use as part of a political or advocacy campaign?

If your answer is more than one, you’ll know the importance of sharing data between your multiple tools, and being able to use your data effectively across tools.

Your campaign tools should let you use data from your central database for voters, donors, and constituents and use it to create targeted campaigns and personalize your engagement. Data from your tools should also flow back into your central database to keep it updated.

This central database almost always resides as part of a CRM tool, like NationBuilder for political campaigns or Action Network for advocacy. Even for business focused CRMs like Salesforce, it is essential that business can use data on customers and leads across multiple software platforms.

The Custom Field mapping feature in CallHub helps you make the best use of your data by letting you get data points on contacts from your CRM/s and use it within your voice and text messaging campaigns. While our previous integrations for NationBuilder, Action Network, and Salesforce allowed users to import preset fields, you can now use Custom Field mapping to get much more information into CallHub.

How to use Custom Fields

Personalizing Voice and Text campaigns

Using field tags (eg. <name>) within your text messages and voice broadcasts lets you include contact specific information into each message. Address people by their first name, confirm contact details, and personalize your messages based on interests, political affiliation or volunteering experience.

Displaying additional information to Call Center agents

All imported contact data can be made visible to call center agents calling your contacts. If you don’t want agents to see certain information, you can adjust the visibility of your data within CallHub privacy settings. You can also make the information fields editable for your agents which lets agents update contact details during calls. All updates to your contacts are instantly synced with your CRM ensuring that your database remains up to date.

Sample use cases:


Fundraising Calls: NationBuilder supporter levels offer an effective way for you to identify your biggest supporters, with 1 being “Strong support” and 5, “Strong oppose”. As part of your fundraising efforts, use CallHub automated phone banking or manual phone banking to make fundraising requests only to supporter levels 1 and 2. With voters with supporter level 3 (Undecided), you can focus on getting your campaign message across. With 4 and 5 supporter levels, engage in open ended conversations rather than try to get them to vote for your candidate.

Organizing volunteers: Organize your volunteers for events, rallies, phone banking, or door knocking efforts with personalized text messages. Automatically include name, location and other individual information within your text messages and broadcast them to your contacts.

Hey <name>, are you open to volunteering for OFA in <city district>?


Personalizing phone banking: Let your agents see party affiliations, previous volunteering experience, age, preferred language, educational qualification and any other detail that will help them engage better with contacts.

Donation confirmations through SMS: Thank your donors and confirm their donation amounts through a text message. You can specify the exact amount donated within each text message.

Hey <name>, thank you for your donation of <donation amount> towards Save Our Rivers.

Voice Broadcasts for event sign ups: By importing the date, time, and location of your volunteer signups, you can send a confirmation Voice Broadcast or text message to your event sign-ups that will confirm event details.


Confirm Order ID with texts: Send text messages or voice broadcasts to contacts confirming their Order ID or Customer ID.

Personalized calling: Display acquisition date, email bounce reason, purchase date, and other customer related information to your support agents. Similarly for your leads, display, lead source, referrer, lead status, best time to talk, and more data points that will help call center agents engage their leads better.

How to map custom fields

If you are building up your voter database, check out our blog posts on how you can collect the right data with text messaging and how to use voter data in custom fields.

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