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Local presence auto dialer

Published: Apr 7, 2017

If your sales offices are spread across the country or possibly the world and your potential customers are too, managing a calling campaign centrally can be very tedious. You’d have to manually rent numbers in their area and assign them to sales teams. These teams would have to be managed distinctly, making sure they are only calling people in their area. Seems painful, doesn’t it. Well, we have a better way of handling leads spread across the country and sales teams equally widespread. Dynamic caller id is an advanced way of giving your potential customers a more local experience. Studies have shown that there is a vast improvement in answer rates when a person gets a call from a local number as opposed to a toll free number. No thanks to large number of survey and sales calls coming from toll free numbers, people are now less inclined to pick up calls from toll free numbers or 1800 numbers.

local presence auto dialer

How does local presence work?

Let’s say your customers are spread around the state or country and you have just one sales office, this is where a local presence auto dialer works its wonders. On CallHub, you don’t need to segment lists by location or country. You don’t need to manually rent numbers from these specific areas. CallHub dynamically manages this for you.

Upload your contacts into CallHub and we’ll take the trouble of figuring out where your contacts are located. Using dynamic caller id, you can then rent a block of numbers that pertain to only those areas in which your contacts reside. When your calls are being made, the closest area code number is chosen as the caller ID. Different sales people can be sitting in the same office, calling leads living in various parts of the country and yet offer them a local presence.

You can improve answer rates by upto 30% using local presence auto dialer

Call contacts in their timezone

Calling leads with the right local number is extremely effective. What’s proven to help even more is to call them at the right time of day. CallHub’s voice calling services: Voice broadcasting software & Call Center service, do just that. Set the right times at which you want to reach someone in their timezone and we’ll only make calls to them in that time period!

Truly maximise your outreach campaigns with features like local presence dialing.

PS: Dynamic caller id is a free feature on CallHub. Pay exactly 0 extra dollars to use it 😀


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