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PDI Integration

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, PDI stands as a trusted ally for candidates and organizations, facilitating voter mobilization, supporter activation, and triumph on Election Day. PDI helps mobilize supporters, volunteers, and voters efficiently. Partnering with progressive campaigns, labor unions, and advocacy groups, PDI has been a cornerstone for California’s premier campaigns, organizations, consultants, and pollsters.

CallHub Tools


Phonebanking Software

Sync PDI and CallHub to integrate data to and from each tool. Run data-driven calling campaigns on CallHub. Choose between multiple dialers for a compliant, effective phone banking campaign.

P2p Fast Texting

Peer-to-Peer Texting

Engage in personal conversations at scale with CallHub’s P2P texting tools. Run surveys, persuade voters, and get them to support you in this election!

Mass Texting

Broadcast your updates, notifications, and news with our Mass Texting tool. Personalize using custom tags, add keyword-trigger replies, and more!

Voice Broadcasting

Send a pre-recorded audio message to thousands of contacts at once! Broadcast your message to your contacts with personalization tags, and let them “Press-1” for further action. All with data synced from PDI.



Automate your conversations between P2P, broadcast texting, calling campaigns and emails with CallHub. Add workflows automation to personalize communications based on survey responses, call dispositions, retry attempts and more!


Relational Organizing

Map your voter universe with your volunteers’ phonebooks to assign agents based on existing relationships. With CallHub’s Relational Organizing, you turn your cold outreach warm and leads into supporters by letting their friends do the persuasion!

With the CallHub and PDI integration, you can:

  • Import your Voter and People universe directly from PDI to CallHub.
  • Connect and set up a PDI account within CallHub.
  • Import survey questions from PDI into CallHub and sync back responses to PDI.
  • Sync back call dispositions to your PDI database.
  • Add CallHub tags to survey questions in PDI.
  • Know when a text is sent to a contact or when they reply as a flag ID in PDI.
  • Sync volunteer/agent information between CallHub and PDI.

Connect and set up a PDI account within CallHub

Sync your Voter Universe, People Universe, Flag IDs, Survey Questions, and Acquisition Types from PDI into CallHub. Once imported, you can use this data to run phone banking or texting campaigns via CallHub.


Import survey questions into CallHub and sync back responses

Import survey questions from your PDI database into CallHub. These questions will be available for your call center campaigns and P2P texting campaigns. They will work for both Linear and Branched scripts within CallHub. You can select and manually edit questions to personalize scripts for the calls and texts.

Convert any PDI survey question into single choice or multiple choice on CallHub. All responses by your contacts will appear as flag IDs in your PDI account.


Export call dispositions from CallHub into PDI

Add CallHub call dispositions as flags to PDI. Call Disposition information (No answer, machine, bad number, etc.) helps you understand whether your agents could reach a contact. Syncing this information back to PDI as a flag under survey responses will help you categorize and segment contacts better, informing follow-up campaigns.


Add flags contacts as received text/replied

While adding your PDI account to CallHub, you can opt to flag contacts on their status, whether they received a text from you, and whether they responded to it.


Sync volunteer/agent information between CallHub and PDI

Track volunteer performance based on conversations happening on CallHub

Add volunteer email IDs to sync volunteer information between CallHub and PDI. Know which volunteer or canvasser has answered survey responses in your P2P and calling campaigns as well as who has added call dispositions on phone banking campaigns.


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