Automated Dialer & Text Broadcast service

Church phone tree service

Engage with your congregation through automated phone calls and text messages. CallHub is an automated phone tree that can make thousands of calls & texts in minutes.

Improve involvement with Church phone messaging


Phone trees are great ways of spreading a message quickly amongst your members. Unfortunately, they are certainly error prone and not the most reliable. They require considerable time from your volunteers and by consequence it takes longer to get your message spread. An automated phone tree system mimics a standard phone tree where every congregation member is called and notified of the update. Instead of using volunteers, use software to make thousands of calls in a minute.

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Automated voice messages

Send emergency messages, event reminders, schedule changes or even weekly bible verses spoken by your pastor, to your congregation. Your elderly members will appreciate it over a text message.

Donor Stewardship

Use our phone banking software to start conversations between supporters and donors. Using a cloud based tool, you can setup a mini call center and have real people talk to potential donors. Improve your relationship with donors through donor stewardship and increase the amount of funds raised.

Texting service for churches

Send personalised automated text messages to your congregation and receive responses. Analyse responses using keywords and get RSVPs for events.

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Integrates with your contact database

CallHub's open api's and existing integrations make it easy to import contact information directly from your existing contact management system. Trigger messages to people who register on your website. Import events from your CRM into CallHub and automatically get RSVPs into it through texts or IVR responses.

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  • Rates
    Country Outbound Calls Inbound Calls
    United States USD 0.014 USD 0.012

    Rates are for billing increment of 30 seconds

  • Example usage cost
    # Calls Total Cost
    1000 USD 14
    5000 USD 70
    100000 USD 1400
  • See all prefixes
    Prefix Outbound Calls
    1 USD 0.014
    1340 (Virgin Islands) USD 0.024
    1808 (Hawaii) USD 0.0345
    1907 (Alaska) USD 0.125
    1900 (Premium) USD 0.375
    Prefix Inbound Calls
    1 USD 0.012
    18 USD 0.029

CallHub's pricing is as simple as it gets. You only pay for the calls and texts you send and absolutely nothing else. Don't bother with monthly subscriptions or maintenance fees or even advance one time fees. This is perfect for churches of all sizes. Let your campaigns grow in size during important periods and let your account be dormant during lean periods where you don't do much communication.

Automated Church systems

Take advantage of our automated messaging features to give live updates to your congregation on service timings, fundraising events and even calls to church members to go out and vote for a candidate you support.

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