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Get instant response for your calling campaigns

Tell people your message and let them press-1 or any number between 0 & 9, to transfer calls to an agent or ask the caller to leave a message. Review the audio recordings and transcripts of the transfer instantly. Emails with all the details can be sent for every press-1 transfer. Analyze the daily conversion rate for your press-1 campaign, with the daily reports.

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Instant Recordings and Transcripts

You'll see the audio recording and transcript of the recording as soon as the call ends. Listen to the recordings to ensure quality of the lead and respond quickly.


Speed Up or Slow Down a Press-1 Campaign

You do not want your leads waiting in the queue and you do not want your agents waiting for calls. By controlling the number of simultaneous calls for each of your press-1 campaign, you can see what works and what does not. Change it even when the campaign is in-progress.

Email for Every Press-1 Transfer

Emails sent for every press-1 transfer includes the contact phone information, audio recordings and the complete text transcript of the recording.

CallHub is an award winning telephony service

Why us?

There are other voice and text broadcasting software but CallHub is the only software that is pay as you go, with no monthly fees, for a press-1 campaign.

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