Automate cross-channel communication with Workflows

  • Avoid communication leakages
  • Follow up with contacts at the right time
  • Turn prospects into supporters

Why use Workflows?

With CallHub Workflows, you can reach, engage and convert more contacts than ever

Retarget your contacts based on their survey response or call disposition

Utilize multi-channel communication mediums to retarget your contacts into different campaigns based on their survey responses or call disposition to boost conversion.


Send follow-up communication to your contacts based on their activity

Automatically re-engage contacts by sending them personalized follow up communication at the right time, on the right channel to maximize engagement.


Get 360 degree view of your contacts by sending data to your CRM

Automatically send contact data to your CRM using webhook. No need to export and import CSVs between multiple platforms.


Avoid manual repetitive tasks by automating nurturing journeys


Easy to use workflow builder

With our simple no code drag and drop builder, you can build and visualize contact journey in one go


One platform, multiple channels

Target contacts using multiple campaign type-Text to Join,Text Broadcast, Peer to Peer texting, Call Center, Email


Seamless integration with popular CRM

Sync your data with your preferred CRM such as NationBuilder, NGPVAN, Salesforce, ActionNetwork and many more


Get deeper insight with advanced analytics

Gain real time insight on how your contacts are moving down the conversion funnel


Create multi-level conditional logic

With customized IF/ELSE logic and AND/OR operator you can automate any complex workflow


Personalized communication for higher engagement

No two contacts are the same. Customize messages with our personalized merge tags.

Ready to scale your campaigns with automations?