Answering machine detection

Save time and focus on calls that are answered. With CallHub’s answering machine detection, you can ensure that you reach every contact on your list but don’t waste any time on dropping a message.

  • Choose to hang up the phone or drop a voicemail for machines.
  • No hidden costs to use this premium feature.
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Why do you need answering machine detection?

Answering machine detection helps improve the efficiency of outbound calling campaigns in the following ways.

Increase agent productivity

Over 60% of calls are not answered and that can take up a significant amount of your agents’ time. Eliminate that by automatically dropping a voicemail for these machines. You can also choose to hang up the call and get back to these contacts later.

Boost contact rates

Leave a message for the machines and let people know that you’ll get back to them later to improve the chances of call answers. Alternatively, with a call center solution with inbound calling, you can also have contacts call you back.

What campaigns can you use voicemail detection for?

CallHub’s answering machine detection (AMD) system adapts to the type of campaign you’re running to ensure you get the best results.

Call center campaign with predictive dialers

Predictive dialers dial numbers based on the number of free agents, answer rates, etc.

CallHub’s predictive dialer detects answering machines ad provides you with two options to deal with them:

1. Hang Up the call: The system hangs up and dials the next number.

2. Drop a voicemail: Upload a pre-recorded audio file with the message you want played.


Voice broadcasting campaigns

In a voice broadcast, the system outgoing calls and plays a pre-recorded voice message when someone answers.

However, if the outgoing call reaches a machine, here’s what you can do:

1. Hang up immediately: Hang up the call and get to the next number.

2. Play the voice message: Play the same message that plays when someone answers.

3. Drop a different voicemail: Add a different voicemail message for answering machines and play that instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is answering machine detection?

Answering machine detection or AMD technology automatically detects answering machines. You can configure the feature to either drop a voicemail or hang up the call when it comes across a machine.

How does answering machine detection work?

AMD detects a live call based on three factors:

  1. Background noise associated with pre-recorded machine messages.
  2. Long strings of words such as “Hello, I am sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message….”
  3. A live caller saying something similar to “Hello, hello?” followed by a post-greeting silence.

So when a call is placed, the system compares it against these factors and determines whether it is an answering machine or not.

What are false positives and false negatives?

A false positive is when the answering machine detection system identifies a live call as an answering machine. Similarly, a false negative is when a machine is identified as a live call. The number of these false identifications indicate AMD accuracy. The more accurate voicemail detection is, the lesser the number of false positives and negatives and vice versa.

How much does answering machine detection cost?

Many outbound call centers may charge extra to use this feature. However, with CallHub, this premium feature is available for use at zero cost.