Cut out the b*****t from your campaigns with CallHub’s Profanity Filter

Protect your agents from offensive and vulgar language, profanity, and unpleasant replies to your texts. Foster a safe, happy environment in your texting campaigns.

callhub does not peep in your conversations

We don’t peep into your conversations

Our Profanity Filter detects profanity or offensive messages using Open AI and RoBERTa NLP models. We don’t use your messages or data to train AI or listen to your conversations.

filter texts at scale

Filter at scale!

The Profanity Filter works at a large scale, monitoring all incoming messages in real-time. Managers don’t need manual intervention at this stage because the AI tool will handle offensive messages.

profanity vs excitement

Profanity Vs. Excitement!

Since CallHub’s Profanity Filter uses NLP to understand the sentiment behind a text, we will not classify textbook profane words as offensive if we detect positive sentiments behind them.

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Why did we build the Profanity Filter?

Hundreds of campaigns operate on CallHub every day. Agents—real, vulnerable, excited, motivated people—are the backbone of these campaigns. Every once in a while, they get unsolicited, offensive messages that can demotivate them just like that.

Now, you can’t stop angry or annoyed people from responding in the way they do (4-5% of all inbound messages contain some level of profanity). But, at CallHub, we could build a protective wall between these profane or offensive messages and your agents.

So, we built the AI-powered Profanity Filter so your campaigns remain clean and full of glee!

Protection against profanity

Direct profane messages to senior agents

Switch on the profanity filter in your peer-to-peer texting campaign and assign senior agents to review these messages. All profane messages will go into a separate chatbox assigned to these special agents, where they can continue to chat or ignore the message.

adapt to new norms

We adapt to new norms!

Our Profanity Filter is ever-evolving and adapts to new trends, nomenclature, and language use. We know when a profane word tries to sneak in.

Review profanity levels and contacts in campaign overview

Campaign managers get an overview of the number of profane messages blocked by the Profanity filter. You can also go through these messages irrespective of whether the assigned agents have read them or not. Also, check the unique contacts who sent these messages and take the right action to reduce their annoyance.

profanity overview

Who should use the Profanity Filter?

If you are running a P2P texting campaign, we recommend turning on the Profanity Filter. This way, your agents are protected in case your campaign receives offensive messages. As a manager, you can also review how many people respond in this untoward manner and take steps to optimize your campaign accordingly.

Political Campaigns

Political messages can be polarizing. While we are not saying that your targeting is flawed, you could receive profane messages from an annoyed contact. And your agents are precious. Best to stay safe with the Profanity Filter switched on.



After political campaigns, advocacies tend to have audiences with strong opinions. If these opinions have a risk of turning into offensives, the Profanity Filter is your way to keep agents safe.


Maintain professionalism in your texting campaigns by switching on CallHub’s Profanity Filter. If there is even a slight risk that your contact will respond with offensive or profane messages, it is best to add a filter to these unwelcome messages and sift through them separately.



Foster a safe and healthy work environment for your agents with the Profanity Filter. After all, as a union, you stand for these values in the bigger picture. So, why shouldn’t your texting campaigns be safe for employees, too?


Certain geographies restrict the use of profane messages to minors or vulnerable populations. While you can’t control inbound messages, you can protect your young volunteers with the Profanity Filter.

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