municipal election fundraising

A Grassroots Fundraising guide for Municipal elections

Moving to a new city had me in a tizz about the finer details in…

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win swing votes through grassroots

Win over Swing Voters with a strong Grassroots effort

It is good to talk with people who agree with you, isn’t it? During a…

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Exploring The World Of Political Consultants

Consultants exist to help build up your political campaign. How do you choose the right political consultant for your campaign? Let’s look at the options.

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design a volunteer conversion funnel

The Conversion Funnel For Volunteers

The success of a business depends on its customers. It does not matter how good…

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keep volunteers motivated

How To Keep Volunteers Motivated

The bulk of a campaign’s work is completed through volunteer action. Yet, they are not…

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how to start a grassroots campaign

How to start a Grassroots Campaign

It’s easy to encounter an issue in your community and tell yourself that someone else…

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Text Message Marketing for Political Campaigns

There is one communication strategy that is increasingly becoming the norm in political campaigning: Text…

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design yard signs that catch attention

Political Yard Sign Design That Catches Attention

For as long as they have been used for campaigning, the humble yard sign and…

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how to plan campaign communication

Campaign Communication Strategy Design In 10 Steps

Your campaign message only works if you are able to convey it to the audience….

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Distributed Political Campaigning with Phone Banks

Election campaigning requires the effective management of your volunteers while ensuring high-quality engagement with your…

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