how to improve donor stewardship

5 ways to Improve your Donor Stewardship

A lot of non-profits and advocacy organisations spend time and effort in prospecting for new…

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client spotlight

Client Spotlight: Eve Zuckerman

CallHub had a chat with Eve Zuckerman, the Deputy Digital Director for the Presidential campaign…

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compare agents analytics

Campaign Analytics: Compare Agents

This graph is part of our new Analytics Dashboard plugin. Call center agents are your…

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Top 10 Events That Rocked World Politics in 2016

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Looks like a winner

“Charm was a scheme for making strangers like and trust a person immediately, no matter…

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Call Center leaderboard for agents and teams

Leaderboards are fun, right? They motivate us, keep us engaged and present useful information in…

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Agent activity analytics

CallHub analytics: Track agent activity

As part of our big feature, CallHub Campaign analytics, here we have the agent activity dashboard….

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Call and SMS Analytics for your Campaign

Running a political or advocacy campaign is tough work and anyone who has been part…

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10 Ways the Internet Changed Political Campaigning

The advent of internet has allowed people to engage in the campaign process on a…

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How to automatically verify emails

How to verify emails in Google Sheets

You’ve just received a large sheet of contacts along with their contact information and you plan…

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