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Top Grassroots Activism Methods for Your Next Protest (With Real Examples!)

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (the Alliance), an international group of organizations…

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Grassroots Lobbying – Effect Change Through Popular Support

“Vox populi, vox Dei” or “the voice of the people is the voice of God.”…

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17 Effective Canvassing Software to Make Your Campaign Obstacle-Free

Canvassing is your sure-shot way to bring your campaign to the masses and have a…

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Political Communication: Reaching Out To The Masses The Right Way

American adults watch traditional TV for over 4 hours per day on average.  Looking at…

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Grassroots organizing 101: The Worst Pitfalls and The Best Tactics You Must Know About

You can bring change.  Grassroots organizing enables ordinary people like you and me to come…

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Boost Voter Mobilization with 7 Proven Strategies

In the last 2-3 weeks of an election, campaigns shift gears.  The question is no…

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How do Facebook Fundraisers Work and What Nonprofits Should Know About Them

Did you know, since Facebook launched its fundraising feature in 2015, over 45 million people…

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Political Canvassing Laws Every Campaigner Must Be Aware Of

In 2018, a young person of color was canvassing for Garrick McFadden in Phoenix. He…

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political strategist

What Does a Political Strategist Do and How Can You Become One?

In 1992, Bill Clinton assumed the United States’ presidency, ending the 12-year reign of the…

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Political advertising feature

The ABCs of Political Advertising for Your Candidate

How impactful do you think political advertising can be? Well, to give you an example,…

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