how to delete lists in NationBuilder

How to batch delete lists on NationBuilder

At CallHub, we work closely with customers on their political phone banking and SMS marketing campaigns. A lot…

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The secret to recruiting volunteers through 8 swift steps

All work and no play might make Jack a dull boy but, let me tell…

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How Reince Priebus helped Trump win the elections

Data, math and statistics proved significant in the U.S. Presidential Election this year. From polling…

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8 sms marketing practices

8 simple practices to win customers through SMS marketing

How often do you text? Probably not as often as you used to a decade…

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Les Republicain party used CallHub to scale their phone banking campaign

Case Study : Phone banking campaign by Les Republicain party

Disclaimer: We are not aligned to any political party or political ideology. Les Republicains is…

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6 ways Voice Broadcasting will help your Political Campaign become Awesome

Voice Broadcasting softwares are quick, cost-effective and far-reaching. With those traits, Voice broadcasting softwares have become an…

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6 reasons why every political campaign should have a phone-bank

The 1900’s saw the early days of phone banking where the phone quickly turned into…

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interesting PRESIDENTS

5 most interesting U.S. Presidents

“I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it,…

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phone banking

Is political phone banking effective?

“Hello, can we count on your vote?” About 12 million phone conversations made in the…

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What does it cost to be the President?

The presidential elections continue to run up quite a tab with each passing year. The…

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