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7 College Recruitment Strategies You Must Adopt Now (& 3 Fatal Mistakes To Avoid)

When it comes to college recruitment strategies, various approaches work for different institutions. But at…

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Donor Appreciation Letter: Everything You Need To Know To Craft The Perfect One

13% of donors leave because their gift was never acknowledged.  While it may seem like…

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Create a Nonprofit Impact Report to Inspire Long Term Support

8% of donors stop giving because of a lack of information on how their gift…

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Best Text-to-Give Platforms for Nonprofits (And A Text to Donate alternative)

Almost all donations from new donors are impulse decisions. If you want to ensure this…

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Donation Incentives: The Right Way To Use Them And Raise More Money

Nonprofits work hard to raise money for their cause.  But, often, donors are simply not…

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6 Things You’re Missing Out On Without a School Text Alert System

A school text alert system came in handy for a New York high school (name…

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25+ School SMS Templates And Usecases That You Must Adopt Now!

A Saturday School in Canada (name withheld) had to remain shut on 5 October 2019,…

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7 Communication Trends to Look Out For In 2021

In 2020, many of us faced the challenge of having to overturn the existing ways…

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7 Ways CallHub Helped us Win Elections in 2020

CallHub has been a staple of my political campaign communication plans for years now. When…

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A Quick Guide To Successful Annual Appeals: Best Practices And Strategies

What is an annual appeal? There is a good chance that you may mistake your…

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