Phone Calls For GOTV

Phone Calls for GOTV: 8 Solid Strategies for your Campaign!

GOTV is the last step of an election campaign taking place just a few weeks…

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Voter Engagement Voter Turnout Strategies

Eight Solid Strategies to Engage Your Voters (and Increase Voter Turnout!)

Voter engagement is crucial in getting citizens to vote and have a say in their…

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How To Run For Office

How To Run For Office: The Ultimate Guide

Running for office is easy, but in the way chess is easy. It has a…

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Questions And Tips To Conduct Donor Person Interviews

Questions And Tips To Conduct Donor Person Interviews

To create a good donor persona for your nonprofit organization, you need to be aware…

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Mobile Bidding Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

As today’s world moves online at a rapid pace, nonprofit fundraising has been swept up…

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october product updates

Product Update: Bigger Campaigns and Smoother Data Flow!

You might have read our emails about infrastructure changes to CallHub in preparation for the…

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Donor personas

How to build Donor Personas for your Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations have hundreds or thousands of donors and supporters. And understanding them will go…

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15 Advocacy Strategies for a Kickass Campaign

Take a look at the biggest movements of the past year. The Women’s March, #MeToo,…

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Email For Nonprofits

4 Fundamental Tips for your Nonprofit Email Marketing Campaign

Lionel was the marketing head of a new nonprofit organization which worked towards building shelters…

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Political Polling Companies

5 Best Political Polling Companies

Public opinion polling has become as much a part of our daily lives as apple…

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