major donor cultivation

How To Build Better Relationships For Major Donor Cultivation

Cultivating major donors is the pillar of every nonprofit organization. Without them, it becomes very…

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donor cultivation idea

10 Easy Donor Cultivation Ideas To Try Out Today

Before you go ahead and ask your prospects to make a donation, you have to…

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donor appreciation event

Donor Appreciation Events: DO’s and DON’Ts

Donor appreciation events are super fun events to host. You don’t sell tickets or ask…

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donor stewardship

6 Tips For Creating The Perfect Donor Stewardship Plan

Donor stewardship refers to the steps a nonprofit organization takes to progressively deepen relationships with…

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Using Mobile Tech to Raise More Money: 9 Insider Tips

Your nonprofit’s fundraising team is already well aware of the fact that mobile technologies have…

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how to run a charity auction

How To Run A Charity Auction

aCharity auctions are extremely beneficial for nonprofit organizations for two reasons –– donor stewardship and…

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how to host a gala dinner

How To Host A Gala Dinner

Every year, nonprofit organizations host a charity gala dinner where like-minded people engage in meaningful…

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how to decide on a text to give tool_nonprofits

How to Decide on a Text to Give Fundraising Tool—The Complete Strategy Guide

Text-to-give, text-to-donate, text-to-tithe…there seems to be no end to the number of terms used to…

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Text to donate small nonprofits header

Text to Donate for Small Nonprofits—Everything You Need to Know

Raising donations is an important part of a nonprofit’s goals—even more so if the nonprofit…

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Group texting services for churches

Group Texting Service For Churches: How To Use It?

You’ve tried bulletins, email newsletters, social media, and phone trees. Alas, none have worked so…

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