be an environmental activist

Getting Started With Activism On Environmental Issues

For most things in life, from keeping a bug collection as a hobby to putting…

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how to contest for house election

House Elections Broken Down For Vying Candidates

The U.S. House of Representatives seats 435 members. The number of members representing a state…

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How majority crumbled in UK election

How The Majority Crumbled In The UK Election

The general election held in the United Kingdom was a classic underdog’s tale of survival….

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OSDI Connector: Setting the Standard for Data Sharing

“The Open Supporter Data Interface specifies an API and data structures for interoperability among products…

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SMS Data Collection with Sign-Up Campaigns

Growing your campaign involves developing a concrete supporter database that you can engage and reach…

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maintain healthy contact list

How To Maintain A Clean Contact List

Sometimes the simplest errors lead to big mishaps in time. Like the fall of Constantinople…

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organizing for change - interview with celine on GOTV campaign

Case study: How Organizing for change ran a successful GOTV campaign

Organising for change, is a non partisan strategic initiative of environmental groups representing hundreds of…

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how to win city council

Superhero’s Guide To A Mighty City Council Campaign

As children, many of us wished to be superheroes and even conjured up fantasies of…

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Gamification in Elections

This is a screenshot from a game released by the Howard Dean campaign of 2003….

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campaign for local election

Municipal election campaign – Dos and Don’ts

Carli, a friend of mine, gave me an emergency call one evening. Her dog had…

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