Demystifying Donor Retention & Strategies That Can Improve It

More often than not, nonprofits view a donation as a one-time transaction between a donor…

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Definitive Guide to Get out the Vote with these Strategies and Tools

You know the basic idea behind GOTV: getting people out to vote. Or in the…

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Engage Camp Volunteers: How to Communicate Effectively

Communication is essential for all kinds of organizations, especially summer camps. Effectively communicating both within…

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52 Proven Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas to Raise Funds in 2019

With email donations taking a plunge (almost 8% less than last year), many nonprofits like…

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Nonprofit Event Registration Feature Image

Nonprofit Event Registration 101: Everything You Should Know

Planning a nonprofit event can be a challenge, as there are many moving parts to…

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The Definitive Guide to SMS Marketing for Nonprofit, Political & Advocacy Organizations

How often do you look at your phone in a day? Too many to count?…

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features image for blog article on school text messages to parents

School Text Messages To Parents – What You Need To Know

  It’s hard for schools to stay in touch with parents consistently. Sure, you may…

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Emails vs. text which to use for nonprofit?

Email Vs. Text – Which to use for your nonprofit?

Let’s try a fun exercise. Whip out your phone (if you don’t have it out…

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peer to peer best practices featured image

5 Peer To Peer Fundraising Best Practices To Try Today

So you’ve decided that peer to peer fundraising is the way to go for your…

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internal communication examples feature image

6 Examples Of Internal Communication You Need To Know

Keeping staff in the know is important to keep an organization running in tip-top condition….

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