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The Church visitor follow-up strategy that will get your new visitors to come again

A solid church visitor follow-up strategy addresses the bane of churches everywhere – declining church…

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web based church management software feature

All you need to know about Web-based church management software – to pick the right one

The global COVID crisis has accelerated the necessity for a web-based church management software.  Thanks…

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Text Message Reminders – Send Immediate Alerts to Contacts

When you send a reminder to your contacts, for any reason, you want to be…

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Nonprofit communication plan feature

Building a digital nonprofit communication plan for the donor journey

Let me bring to your attention to two shocking fundraising insights from a recent FEP…

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How to pick the perfect church communication software and use it right

Before the times of church communication software, churches transmitted information to their congregation via message…

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Top 20 Text Message Marketing Statistics to Give You a Leg Up With Customer Communication

Text messages are popular for personal and professional communications. Yet, 65% of businesses haven’t adopted…

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nonprofit grants feature

Nonprofit grants – What is It and How to Find One for Your Nonprofit

In 2017 16% of all total giving was contributed by Foundations. This is excellent news…

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Relational Organizing – How to Use It Right and Win the Race!

In June 2018, the Democratic party saw relational organizing play a pivotal role in the…

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Telephone fundraising feature

A Quick Guide to Kickstart Telephone Fundraising

A fundraising experiment on two groups of donors resulted in one group generating a 41%…

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Gen-Z Is the Future! Why Youth Volunteering Can Be the Secret to Campaign Success

Youth volunteering is on the rise. 26% of Gen-Zers and 21% of millennials volunteer their…

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