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9 Ways Voter Contact Activities Will Help You in Improving Voter Turnout

Most of you might have heard the above statement. But have we ever thought about…

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Staying Compliant in your Calling Outreach

In October of 2019, Americans received over 5.7 billion robocalls. Almost half of those calls,…

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3 step guide to voter persuasion

3 step guide to efficient voter persuasion

The power of persuasion is an incredible tool. It’s how Socrates convinced an entire empire…

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Fundraising Through Conversational Texting – The Beginners Guide

People want to be heard. That’s what communication is all about. With one-way outreach channels…

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Introduction to conversational marketing – driving actions through personal conversations

Conversational marketing is the art of using two-way conversations to drive action. These conversations help…

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Persuasive Calling Boost Cold Call Success Rate feature

The Persuasive Calling Cookbook. Boost your Cold Call Success Rate!

According to  Prof. Albert Mehrabian of the University of California in Los Angeles, the key ingredients of…

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The 2020 Iowa Caucus and beyond

It is a close race for the Presidential Primaries. With Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg…

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texts from call center business

Why Businesses should combine texting with call center campaigns?

A recent study by Salesforce found that telephone based conversion still has better response rates…

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Now live! Let agents send texts from your call center campaigns

When our customers wanted a way to get better response and engagement rates from their…

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robodialer laws still legal featurepsd

Is Robodialer still legal and relevant for political phonebanking?

Nothing unites a divided house like robodialer laws. In January 2020 Trump passed the TRACED…

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