cta to fundraising events

Add a Call-To-Action to your Fundraising Event

Hosting a fundraising event is a surefire way of drawing support and money to your…

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ethical fundraising: importance of transparency

Ethical Fundraising: Importance of financial transparency

As young boys of seven and nine, my brother and I were each allocated twenty…

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how to increase attendance at fundraiser

7 Ways to Increase Attendance at Your Fundraising Event

After weeks and months of planning, meeting, and preparation you are ready to launch your…

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how to retain donors and supporters

How to retain donors and supporters (for the long run)

Nearly 60% of new donors are not going to give to your nonprofit again. And…

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receive incoming calls in collective texting

Receive incoming calls in Collective Texting (Product Update)

Campaigns across the world use Collective Texting to have personal conversations over text with voters,…

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tag contacts based on survey responses

Tag contacts based on survey responses (Product Update)

All campaigns use surveys to understand their intended audience better and segment them. They’re used to…

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tag contacts based on call disposition

Tag contacts based on Call Disposition (Product Update)

Let’s take a volunteer and a handful of supporters. Your volunteer logs in to CallHub…

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facebook for political campaigns

How to use Facebook in a Political Campaign ( 4 simple ways )

Social media is the most efficient way to reach a broad audience. Using Facebook for…

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Political speech topics

How To Choose The Best Political Speech Topics ( and Why! )

Successful political candidates choose speech topics designed to inspire and motivate audiences. When delivered with…

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How to PhoneBank with VoteBuilder

How to PhoneBank with VoteBuilder (Smart and Easy way)

NGP VANs VoteBuilder is a fantastic tool for organizing Get out the Vote campaigns. PhoneBanking…

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