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NationBuilder Integration

NationBuilder is fully integrated software designed to grow communities and move people to action. Consisting of:

  • Dynamic people database
  • Hosted action website
  • Email and text outreach
  • Payment processing and fundraising
  • Native advocacy features
  • And much more

Why connect CallHub to NationBuilder?

NationBuilder allows you to manage and grow your community at scale. When connecting to CallHub it gives you the ability to communicate with that community in a multitude of ways such as text messaging, voice broadcasting, call center, P2P texting and much more. The NationBuilder and CallHub integration allows a seamless connection from one to the other.

With CallHub and NationBuilder you can

Embed Surveys

Embed NationBuilder events and surveys into calling and texting campaigns. 

Sync Lists

Send supporter lists directly from NationBuilder to CallHub campaigns and target them effectively. 

Real-time sync

Sync details collected through CallHub instantly into NationBuilder. 

Sync All Data

Collect supporter levels, tag contacts, event RSVPs and survey audiences.

See the Integration in Action

Import surveys

During calls, volunteers can ask voters NationBuilder surveys and fill the answers right in their calling interface. Survey responses, notes and audio recording of the call, sync back to NationBuilder.


Event RSVP

Call your supporters and motivate them to attend your events and rallies. Event RSVP’s flow into NationBuilder instantly.


Set NationBuilder supporter levels

During a call, a volunteer can set the NationBuilder supporter levels of a voter. This change will reflect in the contacts profile on NationBuilder. Use this feature to indicate progress after a successful call with a voter.


Import & Sync Tags

Import tags or create them inside CallHub. Automatically tag people in Nationbuilder based on survey response, campaign involvement, and call disposition. If they have been called, texted or contacted through a peer to peer texting campaign, the associated tag is updated inside Nationbuilder. Calling or texting volunteers can also view tags associated with a person during a campaign.


Trusted and loved by customers worldwide

“Nationbuilder integration is awesome, particularly for SMS and for making calls to recruit volunteers. The development team is very responsive to questions and feature requests, too.”

Django Merope Synge, Campaigns Director, GetUp

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