Resources to build relationships

Learn from our collection of detailed ebooks, case studies or download templates to speed up your work.

Politics and Advocacy


Political Campaign Tools

This whitepaper is meant to act as the guiding resource for campaigners looking to take every aspect of their campaign digital.


Election Flyer Template

Election flyers are a great way to announce your candidacy and get people rooting for your cause. A well-designed flyer can present information about the candidate, about issues, and get people out to vote on election day.


Get out the vote Guide

Getting out the vote strategies and tips using peer to peer texting.


Hospo Voice

How Australia’s first digital trade union is revamping the Hospitality industry by using digital tools to engage workers and mobilize on the ground actions.


NationBuilder Guide

Using the NationBuilder Integration with Peer to Peer Texting.


Microtargeting for Beginners

This actionable guide shows how micro-targeting can improve your campaign efforts. Learn why it is required and how to implement micro-targeting in your campaigns.


Democrats Abroad

How Democrats Abroad helped drive 300% increase in overseas voter turnout with phone calls in 2018 US Midterms.


GOTV with Texting

Learn how to use peer to peer and broadcast texts during the week before Election Day to motivate people to cast their vote.


Yard Signs

With so many look-alike signs out there, the difference between winning and losing could come from standing out and catching the eye of the voter. This campaign yard sign template downloadable contains 4 eye-catching customizable sign templates in PSD format along with 16 sample images.

Cause-based Nonprofits and Charities


Fundraising with P2P

Fundraising strategies and tips using peer to peer texting.


Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits

This guide packs practical how-tos that are easily replicable and are created in a way to get you started with SMS campaigns in no time.


Read how MN350 used text messaging to build an engaged list of 2919 young climate activists, and organized them to take further action towards climate justice.


Event Management with P2P

Event management strategies and tips using peer to peer texting.