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Our AI-powered tools are here to contribute to your campaign’s success! Make data-driven decisions with a real-time understanding of

sentiment analysis

Call Sentiments

Smart Insights categorizes every call as positive, negative, or neutral based on your conversations and preset campaign goals. Elevate and refine your campaigns with this AI-driven analysis of calls.

sentiment analysis

Call Summaries

For a quick glance at your calls, CallHub now provides call summaries. Save time and make campaigns efficient by replacing manual reviews of thousands of calls with call summaries.

PS: Transcripts are still available.

sentiment analysis

Contact Categorization

Use the call sentiment reports to create categorized contact lists for tailored, personalized follow-ups.

Use the AI-driven suggestions to create categories OR manually add upto 5 categories. 

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Why use Smart Insights?


Smart Insights was built to make campaign analysis more accurate. Earlier managers had no choice but to look at long transcripts and engage in quality checks after a campaign (or test campaign) ended, it wasted time and opportunity to fix issues.

With Smart AI Insights, you save countless hours by getting precise analysis of sentiments and call synopsis in a quick and efficient manner. The AI analyzes and gives you an overview in real time, enabling you to make quick script or resource fixes on the go!

These insights will help you make data-driven decisions—decisions that will inevitably improve engagement and bring better results.

Your personal AI Campaign Manager

Generate campaign goals

CallHub AI will help you generate campaign goals based on your uploaded script. You can choose this goal if it is satisfactory or edit it to better suit your needs.


Sentiment overview of your calling campaign

Get a real-time overview of the positive, negative or neutral sentiments your conversations are invoking. Now, easily and instantaneously know your supporter base and engagement levels for each campaign. Tailor unique follow-up campaigns based on this sentiment analysis.

Categorize contacts based on sentiments [Beta]

Smart Insights will help you create categories for your contacts, too! Take the AI-driven suggestions or manually add upto 5 categories. Smart Insights will divide your contacts into these categories based on the sentiments they exhibit.


One-click creation of contacts based on sentiments and categories

Create separate contact lists for individuals who showed a similar sentiment or fit into specific categories with a single click. Add these to tailored follow-up campaigns to nurture the neutrals and further engage the positives!

Who is the Smart Insights feature for?

If you want to track your mass calling campaign’s progress in real-time and not in hindsight, Smart Insights is for you! If long transcriptions, manual analysis of recordings, and subsequent contact list segmentation based on your “best guess” are restricting your campaign’s efficiency, enable Smart Insights now!

Political Campaigns

Voter identification, persuasion, and mobilization drives can benefit massively from real-time AI-driven call sentiment analysis and summaries. Add supporter-level categorizations based on these insights.



Advocacies can gauge the scope of a person supporting your cause with sentiment analysis. CallHub’s Smart Insights is a must-have addition to your campaigns if you run hundreds of calls.


Follow-ups after cold calling should not be a guessing game for businesses. Enabling Smart Insights will help you craft smart follow-ups with interested leads.



How members feel about your current issues and news can help Unions plan their next move. This feature is also helpful when you’re scouting for new members in an organization.


Understand how likely a lead is to convert into a minor or major supporter. Enable Call Sentiments and create summaries and categories from your first outreach for clever communication strategies.

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Unlike most others, we’re in the 21st century and offer agent and campaign performance reports in real time. So you know how everything is going every second.

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