Phone Banking to Elevate your Political Campaign

Engage voters and secure your victory with a virtual phone bank. Automated phone banking tool for canvassing, voter persuasion, GOTV, and more.

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Choice of automated dialers for different types of campaigns

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Predictive Dialer

Ideal for high-volume campaigns like GOTV. The Predictive Dialer automatically skips bad, busy, and unanswered numbers and connects agents only to live answers.

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Power Dialer

Perfect for voter ID and persuasion campaigns. A power dialer dials the next number only when you initiate it. Focus on the call at hand, make notes after, and move to the next call when ready.

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TCPA-Compliant FastClick Dialer

For contact lists with a mix of mobile and landline numbers. Stay compliant while maximizing your outreach!

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Automate communication across multiple channels!

Enhance your phone banking campaigns with emails and texts from one platform. With workflow automation, you can segment people you reached out to via calls, send them follow-up texts, add them to an email list, etc.; all automated.

sentiment analysis

AI-driven Smart Insights to analyze sentiments of your campaigns

Enable Smart Insights to create campaign goals based on your scripts. Our AI-powered tools will analyze call sentiments and mark them as positive, negative or neutral so you can gauge engagement in real time. We also provide automated insights to replace tedious call transcripts. Make the most of your voter outreach with real time AI-powered call insights!

Onboard and manage volunteers with ease!

Recruit volunteers for your phone banking campaign in a few simple steps. Group them to run distributed campaigns. Onboard them and get them to start calling immediately.


Improve connection rates significantly!

Having conversations with each voter is essential to winning elections. CallHub’s phone banking software is packed with powerful features to ensure you connect with all contacts.



Call from local numbers 

People are more likely to pick up calls from local numbers. The dynamic caller ID automatically rents numbers with local caller IDs matching the location of each contact.


Spam Label Shield

Your number can get labeled as “Spam/Scam likely” in less than 1,000 calls and ruin contact rates. Our Spam Label Shield detects these labels and replaces marked numbers with fresh ones automatically.


Receive incoming calls

Improve contact rates by at least 2X by allowing supporters to call you back when free. Drop a voicemail with one click when you reach an answering machine and provide the number they can call you at.

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The Complete Phone Banking Platform

mobile app

Campaign from anywhere with a mobile app

no additional cost for adding volunteers

Add unlimited volunteers at zero cost

group volunteers for organizing

Group volunteers for distributed organizing

secure your data

Keep your campaign data secure

record and monitor live calls

Record and monitor live calls

10 DLC Verified

Encourage volunteers with gamification

The most secure campaigning platform in the market!

Sleep tight because your data, campaigns, and even caller ids are protected in the best way possible with state of the art protocols and infrastrcutures.

TCPA Compliant
SOC 2 Secured
ISO 27001

Why CallHub?

Seamless Integrations

Connect CallHub directly with your CRM or via Zapier. With data flowing two ways in real time all your lists remain up to date every second!

Competitive Pricing

We don’t kid when we say our platform is the most affordable! You only pay for the calls you make and no hidden charges sneak up on you.

Realtime Reporting

Get insights into your phone banking campaigns as they’re running with real time reports!

Integrates with your CRM

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