Relational Organizing with CallHub is fast and scalable 

Mobilize your supporters for your grassroots campaigns in real-time and drive action like never before. Enroll now; it’s FREE Forever.

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Why use CallHub Relational Organizing?

Our tool completes your digital organizing suite, adding to your existing text banking and phone banking capabilities. Tap into the personal networks of your volunteers as they reach out to their friends and family on your behalf.


Guaranteed high contact rate,
in shortest time

Maximize your outreach and never miss an opportunity to acquire a potential supporter with our addictive outreach flow.

All-in-one App for volunteers

Your volunteers no longer have to use separate tools to track their outreach effort. With our relational organizing tool they can reach out to contacts, collect survey response, do follow ups- all from one place


Save countless volunteer training hours

Being the most intuitive platform, you won’t have to spend hours training your volunteers. Our relational organizing app is incredibly easy to use and navigate, so anyone can get started right away!

Gain real time actionable insights under 5 seconds

With our powerful analytics and reporting, you get the most robust and actionable insights to track your campaign’s progress and understand your efforts’ impact.


These and many more features


Data Privacy

Volunteers’ data and their contacts data is secure and protected


Social Media Integration

Volunteers can amplify your cause by sharing it on their social media


Multiple Outreach Medium

Volunteers’ reach out to their contacts through texts, calls, and social media


Multilingual support

Volunteers can use the app in English, Spanish and French

Ready to start Relational Organizing? 🤔

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