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Reach the right people at the right time with our Political Phone Banking, Robocalls, Peer to peer texting, and Text Broadcasting Software.
CallHub is available in 200+ countries.

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What can you do with CallHub

Patch-through Calls
Grassroots AdvocacyDrive real change by reaching out to your supporters, guiding them and connecting them directly to their representatives.
Voter OutreachReach out to voters in key areas and help them get to the voting booth.
Volunteer Recruitment
Issue AdvocacyRecruit more volunteers through our embedded form and activate them at any time.
Donor StewardshipImprove the relationship with your donors and increase the amount of funds raised through calls that are informed and considerate.
Voter ID
Political CampaignsIdentify the issues that matter to your voters and recruit those that show support to your candidate.
Membership Management
CommunitiesKeep in touch with the members of your community and update them on meetings, issues and changes.
Supporter Mobilization
Events and RalliesDrive supporters to events and rallies instantly through text messages. Get RSVPs too.
Smarter Campaigns
Analytics and DashboardRun smarter informed campaigns with data from your CRM and your calling campaigns helping you reach out to the right people at the right time.
New! Scalable texting for organizers

Start having more personalized, real conversations with your supporters. Through texting, improve your open rates and answer rates by 100%! Collective texting is an integrated and synced person to person texting tool. It has all the benefits of a broadcast texting campaign but replies can be distributed and managed by your agents or volunteers. Save on cost and time. Add surveys to your campaign and make sure details of every text conversation is recorded and saved.

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Case Study

Political calling

Les Republicains Party, France

How the French party used CallHub to scale their campaign and increase the number of calls made tenfold.

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OFC, Canada

Celine Trojand walks us through her experience running a distributed calling campaign for the BC elections. She talks about her goals, experiments and successes.

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Greens Party, Australia

Adam Taylor talks about how CallHub helped improve volunteer engagement and meet their campaign goals.

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Reach out

SMS Marketing

Reach out to your customers and supports through a text message. Texts messages have a higher impact on campaigns than emails.

Mobilise Support

Phone Banking

Get thousands of volunteers all over the country talk to your supporters using phone banking software. All volunteer accounts are free and you only pay for the calls made.

Reminders To Act

Voice Broadcast

Remind your supporters about election dates, to go out to vote and about your events. Broadcast your message quickly using a voice broadcasting campaign.


App integrations tie it all together.

CallHub integrates seamlessly with some of the biggest CRM's and political and advocacy tools available.

CallHub Blackbaud Integration
nationbuilder voice and sms integration
CallHub integrates with ActionNetwork
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zapier integration

Reports and Analytics

Get detailed reports, insights and analytics for every call and SMS you make. Track and monitor calls made by volunteers.

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