Voice Broadcast

Spread your message

Reach large number of people in the shortest time. Send voice messages to mobile phones and landlines.

Text Message

Schedule text message campaigns

Create and send personalised text messages to your contacts at a scheduled time. Automate responses based on keywords in their replies.

Call Center

Cloud Calling outbound call center

Save time and money with our advanced outbound call center. Add surveys to your campaign and make sure every call by an agent is recorded, monitored and saved. Unlimited number of agent sears.


Tie it all together

CallHub integrates with NationBuilder, Salesforce, Zapier, Action Network, Shopify, Google apps and the list keeps growing.

Advanced virtual call center for political and advocacy organisations

Our Phone Banking software for political and advocacy groups is widely used by parties around the world. Our advanced volunteer management and recruitment features help campaigns grow easily without any added cost.

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Verify the numbers in your phonebook

CallHub gives you the facility to analyse the phone numbers and mobile numbers of your contacts. We check if the number is valid or not. You can analyse entire phonebooks or only select a few. You can then edit or remove the invalid numbers from your contact list. This saves you time and gives you a more accurate representation of your phonebook and what you can achieve from it.

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Improve call engagement by 20%

Maintaining a local presence no matter where you're calling can have a huge impact on your campaign. Improve engagement and pickup rates by upto 20% on your voice broadcasting campaign.

We match your CallerID to the region of the person called. Studies have shown that people are more inclined to pick up calls from callers in their own region.

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Track campaigns and measure agent progress

The analytics dashboard gives you an indepth view into how your campaigns are performing. Compare agents, track call and Text reach and keep an eye on contact frequency, among other insights. We also provide a leaderboard for volunteers to track their calls progress and compete.

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