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Reach your contacts with CallHub’s reliable calling and texting tools.
Have personalized conversations at scale with feature rich solutions that have helped millions.

Run efficient calling campaigns

Call Center

Outbound call center software to make and receive calls. Choose from multiple dialers for every need. Unlimited agent seats.

Personalized and scalable texting

Peer to Peer Texting

Engage in 1:1 conversations over SMS. Talk to 100s of contacts at once with custom & templated responses. 

Relay voice messages instantly

Voice Broadcast

Reach hundreds of contacts within minutes. Deliver messages to your audience instantly over a call.

Ensure your message is read

Mass Texting

Broadcast texts to your contacts in minutes. Enhance them with images, videos, & pdfs to improve engagement.

Automate list building

SMS Opt-in

Build your database by getting people to opt-in. Set up automated text responses to collect data without manual intervention.

Have personalized conversations

Outbound Call Center

Run automated calling campaigns. Add surveys to your campaign and make sure every call by an agent is recorded, monitored and saved. Automatically detect answering machines. Unlimited number of agent seats.

  • Increase agent productivity with automated dialers.
  • Personalize conversations with contact data.
  • Collect contact data on calls.

Automated Dialing

Choose between our automated dialers (Predictive Dialer, Power Dialer, or Auto Dialer) to run fast and reliable calling campaigns. 


FastClick Dialer

Our proprietary manual dialer allows you to call cell phones fast while staying compliant with TCPA regulations.

Text from Call Center

Allow call center agents to send followup texts to contacts from your calling campaigns with text from call center.

Live Call Monitoring

Make sure agents are following your quality standards with live call monitoring.
Listen to phone calls made by your agents in real-time.

Dynamic CallerID

Maintain a local presence for your calls, no matter where you’re calling from. Improve engagement and pickup rates by upto 20% on your calling campaign.

Schedule Callbacks

Don’t miss out on busy contacts. Calling agents can schedule a call back for contacts that are busy, but would like to be contacted at a future time.


Peer-to-Peer Texting

Engage in one-to-one conversations with hundreds of contacts at a time using peer to peer text messages. Collect event RSVPs, carry out surveys, and resolve queries.

  • Fast responses with text templates
  • 6x engagement with MMS
  • Send custom responses to unique queries

Text Templates

Create text message templates for your agents for your peer-to-peer campaigns. Save time replying to contacts.


Collect data through peer-to-peer texting surveys. Agents can save answers from contacts using survey forms.

Supports 10DLC A2P

Rent 10DLC numbers from CallHub, with a quick and easy registration process.

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Reach all your contacts, at once

Voice Broadcast

Reach a large number of people in the shortest time. Send voice messages to mobile phones and landlines.

  • Send personalized voice broadcasts to all contacts at once
  • Convert text to speech
  • Transfer live calls to an agent with press-1

Stay compliant get higher answer rates

You can use CallHub to combat spoofed robocalls with STIR/SHAKEN. Verify your number to get the “Caller Verified” badge.

Transfer calls to agents at the press of a button

Use Press-1 campaigns to get live leads. Set up multiple transfer options (0-9). Transfer calls to an agent or allow the caller to leave a message.

Get transcripts of messages left for you

Let contacts leave a voicemail and we’ll email the text transcript to you, along with the audio of the voicemail for you to review later.

Retry unanswered calls

Redial unanswered calls automatically by using the retry feature. Get better success rates by making sure contacts receive your message

Type out your voice message

Convert text to audio for Voice Broadcast campaigns.
You have the option to use our text to speech engine, record audio or upload your own audio files.


Personalize the voice messages

Use merge tags to personalize the message with the text-to-speech option. Choose from the list of tags available or add custom tags of your own.


Mass Texting

Broadcast texting to reach your entire contact list at the click of a button. Text-based sign up to collect data and build your database. All with automated responses to handle conversations.

  • Set up a mass texting campaign in minutes
  • Personalize your message with merge tags
  • Set up trigger keywords and automated responses for them

Send replies automatically

Set up automatic replies to follow up on responses to your text messages. Use keywords to filter and segment incoming messages.

Add multimedia to your texts

Make your text messages pop with MMS. Add images, GIFs, videos, and PDFs to your texts, and enjoy higher character limits.

Shorten and track your links’ performance

Shrink your links to save characters and brand them with the link shortener. Track link clicks and measure campaign success.

Build your contact list

SMS Opt-in

Collect data and get prospects into your contact lists by asking them to text in a keyword to a phone number. Send follow-up prompts to collect contact information.

  • Make opting-in easy for your contacts
  • Eliminate manual effort with automated follow ups
  • Nudge people who drop off and push them to complete sign up

Collect data

Collect details like a contact’s name, email, zip code, etc. once they send in a keyword.

Personalize follow-ups

Automated follow-ups can be personalized with the information you receive from contacts.

Maintain a clean list

Automatically unsubscribe people who respond with END, STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT, or CANCEL.

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Make it easy for your agents to join campaigns


Mobile App for Campaigning

Get your volunteers to join from anywhere with just a smartphone. Use the first of its kind mobile app for call center and Peer to Peer Texting campaigns.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for laptops, headsets, etc.
  • Let volunteers join from anywhere, at anytime. 
  • Available on both iOS and Android.

Onboard volunteers in 2-steps

Send volunteers an actiavtion link to access the campaigns and start calling and texting.

Maximize productivity

Add notes, dispositions, collect data, see contact history, etc. All the features volunteers need to get the most out of their outreach. 

Grow your campaigns more quickly

The comfort of working on their phone & from anywhere helps attract more volunteers & run expansive campaigns 

Connect it all together

2-Way Sync with CRMs

Import your contact lists into CallHub. Send interaction data back to your CRM for future campaigns. CallHub integrates with Salesforce, NGP VAN, NationBuilder, Blackbaud and more.


Manage campaigns and agents

Agent management tools

Manage your team of calling and texting agents, track agent performance, and set access permissions.

  • No limits on number of agents you can add
  • Agent leaderboards to motivate them with healthy competition
  • Manage distributed teams better with user roles and permissions

Add collaborators

Add team members with different access levels to co-manage campaigns on CallHub.

Manage agents with ease

Add unlimited agents at no extra cost. Manage agents by grouping them into teams and assigning teams to campaigns.

Join live calls for quality assurance

Listen in on agent calls for quality assurance and training purposes.

Add sub-accounts to separate agent groups

Create sub-accounts with separate sets of agents and campaigns.

Click to join link for volunteers

It’s easier for volunteers to join your campaigns and make calls and texts right away.

Motivate action with healthy competition

Display the top performing agents on the agent leaderboard to promote some healthy competition and inspire people to push harder.

Guide all your conversations


Branching Scripts

Guide your agents at every step of the conversation with logic based scripts. Create script branches for every possile response and show agents exactly what to say based on the contact’s response. 

Streamline conversations

Create script branches that agents can navigate to at the click of a button. Eliminate scrolling that may lead to awkward silences. 

Personalize conversations

Personalize conversations with merge tags. Add contact data to the script dynamically for agents to read. Use the default tags or add custom ones. 

Create error free scripts

Review every script while you’re building it. See every branch you’ve added to your script from start to finish. 

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Stay Compliant in your Outreach

TCPA Compliant Solution

CallHub always stays on top of TCPA compliant rules and keeps the tools updated to ensure the highest level of compliance. 

  • TCPA Compliant dialers to make automated calls
  • Schedule campaigns to only operate during TCPA compliant hours
  • FastClick dialer to make calls to mobile phones at blazing speed
outbound sales script illustration


Validate your numbers to get the “Caller Verified” badge. Build trust and improve answer rates. 

Get 10DLC Numbers

Register your brand to get 10DLC numbers. Maintain texting compliance and achieve better deliverability.

Timezone Calling

Schedule your campaigns for different time zones so no calls are made outside of the TCPA hours in that zone.

Measure and optimize your campaign performance


Advanced Analytics

Track and measure the performance of your campaigns using CallHub’s analytics dashboard. You can track:

  • Call and text reach
  • Link clicks for text message campaigns
  • Opt out rates
  • Agent performance

Get help whenever you need it

Dedicated Support

Our support team is always ready to help answer your questions. You can reach support through chat, email, or call.

  • 95% Customer Satisfaction Score
  • 99.93% Uptime
  • <3h Avg. first response time

Trusted by organizations around the world

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“CallHub surpasses the other guys! Very easy to use. I compared it to several other services and am very happy that we have chosen to do business with them. The team is so friendly, easy to work with and assists wherever they can. It is a joy to work with them!”

 Leslie Stubblefield, Insurance Media Services

CallHub has become my go-to platform for affordable phone canvassing campaigns, voice broadcasts and text message blasts. I used the Voice Broadcast feature in various ways, from inviting people to events to, in one case, contacting almost every household in a small province to generate leads for people wanting more information about a plebiscite that was taking place.”

Jordan Bober, Director of Development and Election Readiness, Green Party of Prince Edward Island

I really love your team. You are just super responsive and super friendly and nothing’s too difficult! It’s been a really good experience.

Shaun Murray, Senior Organizer, GetUp

“CallHub made my marketing program easy and also affordable. I love the dialer, the SMS marketing program and the voice broadcasts. The CallHub team is doing a wonderful job!”

Wendy Mathis, Global Quest Services

“I love this product. It’s so easy to use with a very clean user interface. The price is the most economical I’ve seen in the industry and last but not least is the wonderful customer support. They answer all questions very quick.”

Ronald Hart, Marketer, The Cloud Marketers

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