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Power Dialer

Eliminate the time and effort of manually dialing numbers and make 5X more calls than dialing manually.

  • Complete control on calling speed. 
  • Take time between calls to collect data
  • No worries about contacts waiting on the line & dropping off. 

Trusted by organizations around the world

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What is a Power Dialer Software?

The power dialer is an automated outbound dialer that eliminates the time and effort to manually dial numbers. It automatically dials numbers for you, but only when you initiate it.

This lets you focus on the answered call at hand and even gives you time to make notes or take a breather after a call is done.

have engaging conversations with each contact

Advantages of a power dialer software

Control pace of campaign

Make more calls with faster dialing speed

With a power dialer, you can make 60-80 calls per hour since you’re not manually dialing numbers.

Agent productivity

Improve agent productivity by at least 5X

Agent productivity improves significantly since your focus is on conversations and not much on manual efforts.

Take notes on calls

Take time to collect data between calls

With power dialing, you have more time between calls to make notes, set dispositions, update data fields, etc.

How does a Power Dialer work?

The power dialer calls every number on your list sequentially as uploaded/added by you. Once you’re done with the call, click a button to move to the next. 

Since the power dialer dials the next number only after the previous call ends, contacts do not encounter any pauses after they pick up a call.

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How do different organizations use a Power Dialer?


Political campaigns use power dialers for voter identification, persuasion, fundraising, and phone banking.


Nonprofits leverage power dialers for fundraising, donor engagement, and retention.



Advocacy groups use a power dialer for supporter awareness/persuasion and volunteer recruitment.



Businesses, especially sales teams use power dialer software for outbound sales, cold calling, and telemarketing.


Market Research

For market research, power dialers come handy to make outbound calls for qualitative surveys and feedback.



Educational institutions use a power dialer to connect with prospective students and alumni engagement.

Call Center features for optimized Power Dialing

Key features that your call center software must have to make dialing with a power dialer more efficient and impactful.

Branching Scripts

Have dynamic conversations with an interactive script

No more scrolling up and down to find what to say next. Click on the response you receive and the interactive script shows you what you hav to say next.

Receive incoming calls

Receive inbound calls to your number

Receive incoming calls so you don’t miss out on prospects. Improve your contacts’ experience by letting them call you back.

Dynamic Caller ID

Call from local numbers to improve pick up rates

Improve your pick up rate by 4X with a dynamic caller id. Automatically rent phone numbers that match the contact’s location.

Schedule Calls

Schedule automated callbacks

Schedule a callback when a contact asks for it or you need to follow-up. The call center software automatically dials it when it’s time.

Follow up texts

Follow up with texts

Send text follow ups to contacts who didn’t pick up or need more information. Send it to the number you called to or add a new one.

Small Teams

Add as many agents as needed

Recruit and add unlimited agents to your campaigns at no additional cost. You can even group them into teams to easily manage them.

Join live calls

Join live calls and access call recordings

Access call recordings for training sessions and analysis. Join live calls to monitor call quality and provide guidance.

timezone calling

Call at the best times across time zones

Schedule campaigns in advance to go live at a desired time, in any time zone. Be TCPA compliant even across borders.

Voicemail Transcript

Drop a voicemail with just a click

Upload a pre-recorded voicemail when creating the campaign. Drop this message at a click of a button when you encounter an answering machine. 

Track campaign and agent performance in depth

Make well informed decisions with detailed insights into your calling campaigns and agent performance with our advanced analytics. Detailed and easy to understand with reports available in real time. 


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Advantages of Choosing CallHub’s Power Dialer


Unparalleled support

Our support team works round the clock to help you. We have a 94% customer satisfaction rate and respond to queries in less than 3 hours on average.


Competitive pricing

Create an account and pay only for what you need or choose plans for discounted pricing. Competitive calling & texting rates.

Mobile App

Join campaigns from your smartphone

Have agents join campaigns from their smartphones. The first ever mobile app of its kind. Now you can campaign on the go.


CallHub always stays on top of the rules laid out by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and keeps the product up to date to ensure the highest level of compliance.

✓ Maintain a DNC List

CallHub maintains an account level DNC list so contacts who request to be on it are never contacted again from any campaign.

✓ TCPA Compliant Dialer

Our power dialer doesn’t use a random or sequential number generator to make calls which makes it perfectly TCPA compliant.

✓ Timezone Calling

Schedule your campaigns in advance and as per different time zones so no calls are made outside of the mandated hours.

Now run your power dialing campaigns on your smartphone

Cut down the cost of running campaigns, expand your volunteer base and increase the convenience of making calls with CallHub’s mobile app.


Keep your data in sync with a seamless CRM Integration

CallHub directly integrates with all major CRMs and via Zapier for others. Connect it with the CRM software you use for a seamless flow of data.

See how organizations are using CallHub’s phone banking system to win

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Frequently asked questions about Power Dailer

Is it illegal to use a power dialer?

No. Using a power dialer is not illegal as long as you comply with the federal and state regulations. These laws change often. But CallHub ensures to stay up-to-date with them so you can rest assured that you’re making calls legally with our software.

Power vs. predictive dialer, what should I use?

Both dialers serve unique purposes. The power dialer works best when it’s essential to speak with every contact on the list and you’re not short on time. For example sales reps cold calling leads, fundraising calls, etc. 

Predictive dialers are perfect when you have to cover a large list in a short amount of time and your conversations are going to be short. For example, GOTV calls, quick surveys, etc. Learn more about our predictive dialer here.

How much does a power dialer cost?

The power dialer is completely free to use when you sign up with CallHub.