Geek in Disguise: Winning local elections through data sharing

How Barbara Nelson is ushering progressive change in Orange County using NationBuilder and CallHub. “I…

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Putting Collective Texting to the test in the BC Liberal Party Leadership race

2018 is the year peer to peer texting made its mark on Canadian election campaigns….

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Jagmeet Singh for NDP Leader Campaign – Understanding the Ground Game

Client Spotlight with James Wardlaw, Field Director for the Jagmeet Singh for NDP leader campaign…

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NEAT and fight for LGBTQ justice

NEAT and the fight for LGBTQ+ justice

Last week, we talked to Brian Silva, founder of National Equality Action Team (NEAT), a…

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everylibrary campaigns

A talk with John Chrastka on EveryLibrary, America’s Library PAC

We recently talked with John Chrastka, the Founder and Executive Director of EveryLibrary and also…

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organizing for change - interview with celine on GOTV campaign

Case study: How Organizing for change ran a successful GOTV campaign

Organising for change, is a non partisan strategic initiative of environmental groups representing hundreds of…

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Client Spotlight with Anthony Samama, Nicolas Sarkozy Campaign

This client spotlight features Anthony Samama; Digital and Innovation Manager for the Nicolas Sarkozy presidential…

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client spotlight

Client Spotlight: Eve Zuckerman

CallHub had a chat with Eve Zuckerman, the Deputy Digital Director for the Presidential campaign…

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Les Republicain party used CallHub to scale their phone banking campaign

Case Study : Phone banking campaign by Les Republicain party

Disclaimer: We are not aligned to any political party or political ideology. Les Republicains is…

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Campaign strategy with Adam Taylor, Greens Party Australia

We’ve been helping political parties with their campaigns for a long time now. Our clients help…

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