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Action Network Integration

Action Network is an online organizing platform built for progressive campaigns. Action Network lets you create petitions, set up fundraisers to collect one-time and recurring donations, create events, and manage and categorize supporters (Activists) through tags.

CallHub Features

Call Center

Call your supporter list with the call center feature. Choose from multiple dialers. Sync with your contact management platform and use data to have personalized conversations.


Peer to Peer texting

Have personalized conversations over text with texting agents. Templated replies help you send quick responses and survey questions to collect data.

Mass Texting

Mass texting lets you reach everyone in your contact list at once. Personalize messages with custom fields. Send automated replies based on keywords.

Voice Broadcast

Broadcast a pre-recorded message to your contact list simultaneously. Let contacts leave a voicemail and get the recording sent to your email inbox.

With CallHub and Action Network you can:

  • Automatically import Action Network lists to CallHub.
  • Import Action Network events to CallHub.
  • Send tags from SMS and voice campaigns back to Action Network for future targeting.
  • Sync agents/activists between the two platforms.

Sync Surveys with Action Network

Don’t struggle with Action Network surveys. Instead, create one in CallHub and assign an Action Network tag for every possible response. This makes it so much easier to filter activists inside Action Network, based on their survey responses.


Sync Agents with Action Network

CallHub integrates with Action Network bidirectionally where all new agents created in CallHub are created as Activists in Action Network. You can choose an Action Network tag for each new agent so that you can segment your volunteer Activists in Action Network.

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