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How Email Marketing Software Works

We’ve made email creation and outreach easy with CallHub’s email marketing software. With saved and predefined email templates, you can create new campaigns quickly, and without a break in your flow of thought.

Every step of email marketing campaigns give insights into engagement levels and so, CallHub allows you to tag contacts based on whether your email is sent, opened, a link is clicked or other actions your subscribers take. These tags become part of your larger campaigns and you can retarget subscribers with calls and texts too!

Create, Automate, Target!

Create beautiful emails in minutes!

With our drag and drop email creation tool, you can great gorgeous templates quickly and efficiently. No coding required, so your best marketers can create emails that convert without any technicalities.

use workflows to combine emails with other channels

Target with precision and boost engagement

Add emails to workflows to target your audience based on associated tags, previous communication statuses or their actions. Put your subscribers on journeys that lead to conversions!

Retarget on multiple channels

Keep all your data on one platform and send the right messages from the right channels. Engage your contacts with automated campaigns across email, text, and calls, all from a single platform.

retarget on multiple channels
authenticate emails

Authenticated email domains only!

The CallHub email marketing software requires you to authenticate sender domains. We ensure security and compliance for senders as well as subscribers with this verification for clean campaigns with more engagement!

Watch the results roll in with Analytics and Integrations

Sync data with your CRMs and get eyes on your audience behavior. Track audience engagement throughout their journey with you and monitor performance to find what works best.


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Top features of CallHub’s email marketing software

drag and drop editor

Drag and drop editor

Premade templates

personalize voice messages


Sync data in realtime with your CRM

CRM integrations

group volunteers for organizing

List segmentation

Tracking and reporting




Political campaigns share news and updates as well as event invitations, fundraising requests, highlights and campaign progress over emails.

Nonprofit Organizations

Since emails allow images, links (and tracking), and ample space for text, nonprofits use email marketing for their donation asks, invitations, impact reports and other regular news and updates.


Like Advocacies, Unions benefit from an email marketing software because they have to regularly send news and updates, membership appeals, invitations and petitions to members.


Once they get opt-ins, Businesses use email campaigns for marketing campaigns like discounts and sales, as well as for automated receipts and notifications.



Email marketing is a major part of campaigns for Advocacies. They can share petitions, donation requests, event invites, and membership appeals to contacts using emails.

All Industries

The most secure campaigning platform in the market!

Sleep tight because your data, campaigns, and even caller ids are protected in the best way possible with state of the art protocols and infrastrcutures.

TCPA Compliant
SOC 2 Secured
ISO 27001

Why CallHub?

Seamless Integrations

Connect CallHub directly with your CRM or via Zapier. With data flowing two ways in real time, all your lists remain up to date every second.

Competitive Pricing

We don’t kid when we say our platform is the most affordable.  Choose plans for discounted pricing. Run bulk Email campaigns at the most competitive rates.

Realtime Reporting

Get insights into your email campaigns as they’re running with real-time reports. Act on these insights to get the best results from your email marketing efforts.

Integrates with your CRM

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