Press-1 campaign with Voice Broadcasting

Want to filter your contact list and transfer only answered calls to live agents? This interactive voice broadcasting service is what you need.

  • Connect with only highly engaged and interested contacts.
  • No dialing and waiting for free phone lines.
  • Set up to 10 digits as transfer options.

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How do Press-1 Campaigns work


You drop a voice message

Set up a voice broadcasting campaign to make outgoing calls to play and leave a message when they answer.


Contacts press-1 (or any digit)

After the automated call plays the message, people can push to talk (or any digit between 0-9) for the next step. You can include the details of what digit to press in the message.


Call is transferred to live agents

Based on how you’ve set up the campaign, the tool either transfers the call, collects a voicemail, or notes the response and hangs up.

Benefits of Press-1 Voice Campaigns

Fast messages

Get instant responses from contacts

Since you’ve got the contact on the call, they respond quickly.

Interested contacts

Filter lists and connect only with interested contacts

As your contacts choose whether they want to move further, you connect only with the most interested contacts.

Large groups

Cover large contact lists and maximize productivity

With instant responses you can get through a large number of contacts in a short time. And since you’re only talking to engaged contacts, your productivity is at peak.

Set up your press-1 campaign in under 5 minutes.

What Organizations use Press-1 Call Campaigns?



Political campaigns use press-1 campaigns for political polling and collecting event RSVPs.



Collecting event RSVPs, distributing surveys, or filtering out interested donors are common uses or press-1 for nonprofits.



Businesses collect feedback, send updates, and live transfer calls of potential customers using press-1.


Debt Collection

Debt collectors use press-1 campaigns to reach debtors and connect them to agents to initiate collection.



Advocacy groups collect feedback, RSVPs, and connect with prospective supporters using press-1 campaigns.



Educational institutions run press-1 campaigns to connect with students and answer their queries, guide them through processes, etc.

CallHub Press-1 Campaign Features

Press 1 Campaign

Set up multiple call transfer options

Set upto 10 digits (between 0 to 9) as call transfer options or use multiple digits to collect different responses from your contacts.

Control pace of campaign

Speed Up or Slow Down campaigns as you want

You don’t want contacts waiting and dropping off or agents waiting for calls. Control the number of simultaneous calls your press-1 campaign makes based on live agent availability. Change this speed even when the campaign is running.


Get an email for every press-1 transfer

You receive email for every press-1 transfer during your calling campaigns. These emails include the contact’s phone number, audio recordings and the complete text transcript of the recording.

Transcript messages

Receive call recordings and transcripts in real time

As soon as a call ends, you can access the recorded message and transcript of the voicemail the contact has left for you. Listen to the recordings in real time and respond quickly.

Benefits of choosing CallHub


Unparalleled support

Our support team works round the clock to help you. We have a 94% customer satisfaction rate and respond to queries in less than 3 hours on average.


Competitive pricing

Create an account and pay only for what you need or choose plans for discounted pricing. Competitive calling & texting rates…


Real time reporting

Get insights into your campaign as it is running with real time reports. Act on these insights to get the best results from your list.


CallHub always stays on top of the rules laid out by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and keeps the product up to date to ensure the highest level of compliance.


SHAKEN/STIR Compliance

All your calls through CallHub are SHAKEN/STIR compliant at no extra cost. Sign up to get the “Caller Verified” badge and improve pick up rates.


Maintain a DNC List

With CallHub, you can set a digit for people to opt for the DNC list. When pressed, these contacts are added to an account level DNC list and won’t be contacted from any campaign.


Timezone Calling

Schedule your campaigns in advance and as per different time zones so no calls are made outside of the legal hours in that state and time zone.

Keep your data in sync with a seamless CRM Integration

Connect CallHub with your CRM software or Zapier to sync tags and contact details based on your conversations, automatically and in real-time.

Try CallHub today

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a press-1 campaign?

A press-1 campaign(push to talk) is a two-step interactive voice broadcast solution. In the first step, the tool dials all numbers in your contact list and plays a voice message when someone answers a call with options to choose from 1-9.

In the second step, the contacts press-1 (or any number between 0-9) to transfer the call to a live representative. Alternatively, you can ask them to press a digit to leave a recorded message, give a confirmation, answer a question, or just hang up.

Press-1 campaigns are an extension of voice broadcasting to help you get instant responses to your message.

2. How do agents join to receive live call transfer?

CallHub ensures that your agents can join campaigns as per their convenience. They can join campaigns to receive calls via Browser, Phone, or Dial in.

For the Browser option, they simply need to open and login into the CallHub site to start calling.

In the Phone option, you get a call on the number added in the agent account that people can accept and then start taking calls.

Finally, with the Dial in option, they can dial in a number and enter the code on their screen to join a campaign.

3. Are press-1 campaigns legal?

Yes. Press-1 campaigns are perfectly legal as long as you have the contact’s written consent to receive phone calls.

4. What caller id is shown to the call receivers?

The receiver sees the number you choose when setting up the campaign as the caller id. If you’re using the Dynamic Caller ID function, then a local number (which is automatically rented) is shown.

5. How much does a press-1 campaign service cost?

There are no additional charges for setting up a press-1 campaign with CallHub. You only pay for the per minute price. Learn more about our pricing here.

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