Measure engagement on text messages

Shorten, brand, customize, and track your links


Improve your conversion rate

Track links, measure performance and tailor your strategies to increase the conversions.


Save cost on your text messages

Save space in your text messages and cut down on costs using shortened links.


Reduce form abandonment rate

Personalize links and autofill contact details using the existing data to reduce your audience’s efforts.


Minimize filtrations from the carriers

Use our in-built shortener instead of public shorteners to minimize filtrations.

Organizations have seen an increase in the engagement by up to 34% by using branded links
in their texting campaigns.

Why use the Link Shortener and Tracker?

Increase your reach and brand trust

  • Avoid telecom filtering and thereby increase your text delivery rates with Link Shortener and Tracker.
  • Increase brand trust & familiarity among your audience by branding your links.
  • Add compelling terms that inspire people to take action and resonate with your cause, use case or CTA!

Raise a request here to brand the URL with a custom domain name for all your campaigns.


Measure the impact of your SMS campaigns

Track clicks on the link used in an SMS and get insights on your click-through rate. Also add tracking codes such as UTM parameters to your link and pinpoint the top performing campaigns.

Understand your contacts better

Understand your contacts’ interests based on the links they click and the contact history. Tag them for future references and finetune your targeting strategies.


Improve your conversion rate by optimizing the communication strategy

Understand your contacts on an individual level by enabling ‘Contact tracking’. Nudge the prospects in the right path and increase your conversions.

How to use Link shortener and Tracker


Direct voters to the candidate’s website → Send a compelling case study link to those who did not visit the website.

Send link to a polling location → Call the contacts who did not click the link

Nonprofit, Union & Advocacy

Share social media links with your contacts → Share a testimonial

Direct supporters to your fundraising page -> Send a compelling case study link to those who did not visit the page


Promote your product/service → Offer a discount to those who didn’t show any interest

Lead your contacts to an event landing page Offer a discount to those who didn’t show any interest

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum length allowed for the destination link?

2048 characters

What is the maximum length allowed for the custom name?

You can have a custom name as long as 30 characters.

Can I preview the link?

Yes. CallHub lets you preview the shortened link by hovering over it and ensuring if it’s the right one before you draft the message.

What are the types of short links?

There are 4 types of short links:

  1. Links with click tracking: Tell you the number of people that clicked on your link
  2. Links with contact tracking: Tell you who clicked on your link and how many times they did
  3. Branded links: Help you add custom domains to your links
  4. Context-friendly links: Help you add customized phrases to your links