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Outbound Call Center Software

Choose from multiple virtual automated dialers, have authentic conversations using personalization features and sync data in real time from your cloud calling software with your contact management platform.



Increase agent productivity

Choose from a range of auto dialers that automate the repetitive parts of a call so agents spend more time talking and less time placing calls. Automatically dial contacts one at a time with a Power Dialer or maximise talk time for your agents with a Predictive Dialer.

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Provide context for each call

Agents on a call have access to data collected from previous conversations in your virtual call center software, with synced databases to make each call authentic and personal.





Collect data while on calls

Personalized scripts for each contact helps your virtual call center agents focus on the conversation without worrying about completing surveys. Use app integrations to sync surveys and events from your CRM.




2-way data flow integration with NationBuilder, Action Network and Blackbaud

Bring your lists into the CallHub cloud calling platform with one-click integrations and have call data flow back to your CRM or database in real time. Agents have access to relevant contact information and all calls are automatically logged to reduce data entry.

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Keep track of progress

CallHub call center tracking software helps campaign managers make data-driven decisions to stay on track of calling goals. Track calling activity across time, measure calls that convert into meaningful conversations, and compare agent performance.


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Outbound Call Center Software Features

Multiple virtual outbound dialers

Predicitve Dialer

Predictive Dialer is the fastest way to go through your list. Depending on the number of agents, average talk and ring time, and drop rate, the dialer predicts how many calls to dial ahead of time. As soon an agent hangs up, there is somebody waiting to talk to them.

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Power Dialer

Control the speed at which calls are being made. At normal speeds, a single call (1:1) is dialed when agent becomes available. If your list has a lower pickup rate, increase the ratio of the calls made per click to 2:1 or 3:1 for a higher connection rate.

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Preview Dialer

Agent controls who to call. Agents can go through a list within the virtual call center software, research a contact and then place the call when they’re ready.

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Easy agent onboarding and management

Recruit agents quickly

Easy agent sign-up process to help you mobilize agents quickly. Agents can fill out a form on your website or click on a unique email link to get added to calling campaigns.

Make calls from a browser or phone

Give agents the flexibility to choose how they want to make calls.

Monitor and record calls

Join live calls to guide training sessions and help maintain quality standards — or review call recordings at a later time.

Notify agents

Share time-sensitive updates with your agents while they are on calls through instant notifications.

Run a distributed campaign

For distributed campaigns, sub-accounts let you control expenses and strategy from a central account while enabling local organizers to manage their own outreach efforts.

Gamify calling campaigns

Inspire agents with good natured competition through gamified leaderboards within your call center software

Data-enriched conversations

Organize contacts

Tag contacts during calls to organize your contact list and group people by categories like volunteer, donor etc.

Bring in dynamic data

Give agents access to more contact information and personalize call scripts by using custom fields.

View history of interactions

View the details of previous conversations with the contact across call center and text messages.

Improved chance of calls being picked up

Schedule a callback

Schedule a time to talk that’s more convenient for the contact. CallHub automatically calls the contact at the scheduled time and connects the call to your agent.

Drop a voicemail

Drop a pre-recorded voicemail letting people know why you called when you reach an answering machine.

Get a local number

Get local numbers across 150+ countries. Call people with a local number even if your lists have contacts from across the globe.

Verify phone numbers

Analyze your list in our call center solution to filter out bad numbers before starting a call center campaign.

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Democrats Abroad helped drive 300% increase in overseas voter turnout with phone calls

“When we added CallHub to our voter outreach tool set in 2016, we knew that it would impact our outreach to our members, helping to coordinate our efforts around the world and ensure we were all using the same messaging. What we didn’t realize is how much it helped to recruit and energize volunteers. ”

 – Julia Bryan, Global Chair of Democrats Abroad

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Why more than 3000 customers chose CallHub

Set up and use in under 5mins

If you have a browser and 5mins, you can set up your first call center campaign right now. Test it out with free credits before you spend a penny.

We keep things simple

More than 20,000 agents between ages 18 and 80 use CallHub to make calls and send texts. We know to keep things simple.

Quick response time

Reach out to our dedicated team of support engineers with any issues and they’ll get back to you quickly. We also have detailed documentaion on our Help Center.

Reliable platform

CallHub runs on the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

More than a call center

Follow up on your call with more information or send out time-sensitive updates using text messages. CallHub texting tools work alongside our call center to help you grow your mobile list, send out automated texts and engage cellphone users in one-to-one conversations.

Pay as you go pricing

If you’re running short duration campaigns like Get Out The Vote, a subscription might not work for you. That’s why we have a pay as you go pricing model where you only pay for the calls you make with unlimited agent seats and contact uploads.

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