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Call Center Features

Live Phone Call Monitoring

Monitor phone calls and train your agents and volunteers.

Dial in campaigns

If internet is unreliable, agents can dial into CallHub and join a phone banking campaign.

Unlimited Agent Accounts

Agents are crucial to your campaigns. Recruit as many as you need, for free!

Computer telephony integration

Agents can join a campaign from anywhere in the world, through their browser. Browser calls cost the least.

Agent Management

Create an unlimited number of teams and organise your agents into these teams. Assign a team to a calling campaign instead of individual agents.

Surveys responses and Analytics

Forget pen and paper. Use CallHub's advanced survey tool and get digital responses instantly. Use advanced analytics platform to evaluate your calling campaign.

Something for everyone

CallHub Dialer options

CallHub offers different modes of dialing. Depending on your campaign needs, cost of talking to a contact and time availability, you can pick a dialer suitable for you.

Predictive Dialer

200% agent efficiency

Anticipating the number of free agents and the drop rate, the average ring and talk time, this dialer speeds up and slows down the dialing rate to maximise the agent talk time and minimises drop rate. Works best for large campaigns with more than 6 agents.

Power Dialer

Control the speed of the dialer

An automated dialer for teams that don't need to be rushed. This dialer skips over no answer, busy and answering machine. If you have large number of contacts to reach, you can set the dialing rate as X:1. Contacts are dialed based on the set dialing rate.

Preview Dialer

Flexible dialer with control on who to call and when

Give the agent time to research the contact before dialing. They can choose who to call and when to call them. The agent can preview contact information and then call them when ready. Notes can be stored for every call.

Privacy Management
Keep your customer information safe

Privacy Management

Choose the contact information you want visible to your agents. By default, all fields for a contact such as the phone number, mobile number, name, email address are shown to the agents, but based on your use case or needs, you can hide these fields.

Pay as you go
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  • Rates
    Country Outbound Calls Inbound Calls
    United States USD 0.014 USD 0.012

    Rates are for billing increment of 30 seconds

  • Example usage cost
    # Calls Total Calls
    1000 USD 14
    5000 USD 70
    100000 USD 1400
  • See all prefixes
    Prefix Outbound Calls
    1 USD 0.014
    1340 (Virgin Islands) USD 0.024
    1808 (Hawaii) USD 0.0345
    1907 (Alaska) USD 0.125
    1900 (Premium) USD 0.375
    Prefix Inbound Calls
    1 USD 0.012
    18 USD 0.029


  • Rates
    Country Per-message Sent Per-message Received
    United States USD 0.016 USD 0.012

    Buy local numbers at USD 2 per month

  • Example usage cost
    # Text messages Total Cost
    1000 USD 18
    5000 USD 82
    100000 USD 1602

CallHub is available in over 200 countries

Reports and Analytics

Get detailed reports and analytics for every call and SMS you make. Track and monitor calls made by agents.

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