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CallHub offers a comprehensive digital platform for fundraising, donor stewarding & organizing volunteer-led efforts. Drive action with powerful calling, texting, and email features powered by automation and 2-way integrations.


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The most easy-to-use solution for your challenges

Drive fundraising

Run effective fundraising campaigns and improve donor retention using CallHub texting, calling and email tools.

Increase membership

Drive donor onboarding and donor stewarding done right with the right communication tools.

Improve staffing

Easy onboarding and training volunteers. The mobile app allows them to join your campaigns from anywhere, anytime.

Membership & Donations

Onboard members to drive repeat donations. Track success and followup with automations

Reach out with donation requests with calls, texts, emails sequentially or all at once as you deem fit.

  • Text to join opt-in for donors.
  • Make your texts more engaging with MMS.
  • Send custom trackable links to donate while on call with donors.
  • Automate repeat donation asks or follow up if donation was not made.

Onboard members

Give members an easy way to join with text to join. Get on a call with prospects and collect consent.

Build relationships

Keep your members with periodic one-to-one or mass messaging. Send monthly updates or event invites and collect RSVPs.

Followup when they get cold

Automate followups for no reply or when someone misses a payment.

Volunteer management made easy

Manage teams big or small, we have made it easy for you

Big or small, CallHub has tools to support any campaign or the volunteer teams.

  • Your device cost goes to zero
  • Allow your volunteers to join from anywhere.
  • Build training & onboard new volunteers without any manual effort.
  • Powerful automations to handle all the grunt work so your team can focus on the real job.

Onboard volunteers the easy way

Want volunteers to public or upload a list to invite them, you can do it all. No devices needed as anyone with a smartphone can join your campaign from anywhere.

Run distributed campaigns

Make the best of CallHub’s mobile app. Volunteers can join from anywhere with just a smartphone or a web browser. Role based access ensures security and flexibility. Your volunteers will love you.

Keep volunteers motivated & yourself informed

Volunteers leaderboards gamifies the campaign involvement. Powerful analytics for campaign managers to stay on top of the campaign progress or the areas to improve.

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Start campaigning in minutes.

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Donor stewarding

Keep the conversation going

Ensure successful campaigns with timely conversations with your donors. Drive repeat donations with automated reminders.

Use the CallHub communication platform to reach large audiences. Engage them with one-to-one or mass texting and calling campaigns. Signup new members with text to join campaigns.


Share educational & informational content

Reach out with mass texting and voice broadcast when you need to reach a large audience in a short time.

Drive action with perfect messaging

Use powerful segmentation to reach the right people at the right time with the best messaging.

Amplify reach with all the proper channels

CallHub supports all popular messaging channels for mobile marketing. Reach millions where they dwell.

Communication platform

Reach your audience where they prefer with calls, texts and emails

Reach your audience with calls, texts or emails. Scale up with powerful automation and integrations. CallHub let’s you drive your 360° communication strategy.

How 350 used text messages to organize the Climate Strike


Start campaigning in minutes.

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CallHub Platform for Nonprofit Organizations

CallHub has the best calling and texting tools available in the market. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what we have under the hood. Take a peek inside our platform.

Call center software

Cloud call center

Our call center software is equipped with powerful auto dialers, inbound calling, branching scripts, text follow ups and much more.

Voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting

Our voice broadcasting allows you to send voice messages to millions of people in one go, with options to get their responses or transfer the calls to live agents.


Peer to Peer Texting

Use our peer-to-peer texting solution to have one to one conversation with your target audience over texts.

Mass texting

Mass Texting

Use our mass texting tool when you want to quickly reach a large number of people with instant and emergency updates.

Get the best texting and calling rates

CallHub has the most competitive texting and calling rates. Want volume discounts? Talk to us.

Mobile App for Volunteers

Save precious dollars on buying and managing devices. Volunteers can join any campaign from anywhere using their smartphones.

Compliant with all regulations

We are a TCPA compliant platform (non RoSNG). We are also a TCR partner and provide 10DLC numbers & are SHAKEN/STIR compliant.

Email Marketing

CallHub also has a built in email marketing tool. Use it along with our powerful calling and texting tools to drive multichannel communication which is more effective.

Automation Workflows

Run automated campaigns based on donor interactions. Someone didn’t pick up a call, send them a text; or send an email/text with a donation link when someone is interested in giving.

Secured to the core

CallHub follows state of the art security protocols and has a very robust infrastructure. You can rest assured that your campaign and donor data is safe.

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