[P2P]Peer to Peer Texting Campaigns • Send Personalized Texts at Scale
Personalized Conversations at Scale

Peer to Peer Texting Campaigns

Engage supporters with one to one conversations.


Why Peer To Peer Texting?

Personalize Conversations

You’re not hitting send to a list. Every contact in you peer to peer texting campaign is part of a personalized one-to-one conversation.

Mobilize Supporters

Reach out to thousands in the span of a few minutes. Nurture interest for your events, identify voter issues and unite people around a common cause.

Initiate Action

Getting people to take an action like making a donation, attending an event or going out to vote is made easier with a volunteer answering queries and having an actual back and forth conversation.

What is peer to peer texting?

Peer to peer texting lets organizations send text messages to people with the help of agents. The campaign manager uploads the contact list and assigns a batch of contacts to each agent, who then reach out and engage people in one-to-one conversations. Each agent can send out around 1500 texts in the span of an hour with data collected from conversations instantly syncing with your CRM. Since agents are manually hitting the send button for every text, with texts going out from a ten digit number, p2p texting stays compliant of texting regulations.


Open Rate


Average Response Time


Response Rate


Engagement Over Email

Collect Data

Use surveys in your peer to peer texting campaign to collect data on every interaction. You can create your own surveys or import custom surveys through integrated apps.


MMS drive 6X more engagement

Texting has evolved. Use MMS in your campaigns.

Send media rich texts that supports upto 1600 characters and 5 MB of attachements. Use images, videos, PDFs and more and get your audience to respond.

Respond Faster

Save frequently used responses as templates and add them to the conversation with a click. All texts are automatically personalized with individual contact details from your database.

sync your data

Integrations tie it all together

CallHub Blackbaud Integration
nationbuilder voice and sms integration
CallHub integrates with ActionNetwork
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zapier integration
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Putting peer to peer texting to the test in the BC Liberal Leadership race

Over 1200+ happy customers from across the globe

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Organizing for Action
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