Send the right message to the right person at the right time to compel them to act for you.

No software to download or install. All you need is a web browser.

Contact management
Decide who to call and what to sayGroup contacts into phonebooks and assign them to campaigns.
Contact History and Profile
Improve call performance with dataGet a history of all past interactions, people in their household and details about the person displayed on the screen. 
Notes and Surveys
No need for paperVolunteers can take notes on each call and fill out surveys within CallHub.
Answering Machines
Leave a messageLeave a pre-recorded message if an answering machine answers the phone.
Advanced Calling and Volunteer management software


Live Phone Call Monitoring

Monitor phone calls made by your volunteers to help train them and prevent negative campaigning.

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Computer telephony integration

Invite volunteers to join a campaign from anywhere in the world and make calls through their browser.

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Dial in campaigns

If your internet is restricted, get agents to dial in to CallHub and make calls.

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Choose a dialer based on your requirement

Dialing options

Predictive Dialer

Perfect dialer for GOTV campaigns

Call hundreds of thousands of voters in half the amount of time. Increase efficiency by 200%. This dialer anticipates the number of free volunteers, the drop rate, the average ring and talk time, the predictive dialer speeds up and slows down the dialing rate to maximise volunteer talk time.

Power Dialer

Control the speed of the dialer

Quickly dial thousands of voters in a short amount of time while skipping over bad, unanswered and answering machine calls. Set the pace of the dialer for larger campaigns. This dialer is perfect for voter ID campaigns and smaller Get out the vote campaigns.

Preview Dialer

Flexible dialer with control on who to call and when

Let the volunteer decide who to call and when to call them using the preview dialer. Give them time to learn about the contact before calling them. This dialer is perfect for Fundraising campaigns, volunteer recruitment and team management.

Measure Performance

Measure the performance of your campaign while it's running. Get an overview of the calls being made and the duration of each call. The dashboard helps keep you on track to achieve your goals.

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Manage contacts and volunteers with ease

Volunteer Management

Group volunteers into teams

Create an unlimited number of teams in your account and organise your volunteers into these teams. Save time by assigning a team to a calling campaign instead of individual volunteers.

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Unlimited Volunteer Accounts

Volunteers are crucial to your campaigns. Recruit as many as you need.

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Privacy settings

Keep contact information private

CallHub lets you choose the contact information you want visible to your agents or volunteers. By default, all fields for a contact such as the phone number, mobile number, name, email address are shown to the agents, but based on your use case or needs, you can hide these fields.

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Get Volunteers to Call your NationBuilder Lists

Volunteer Calling for NationBuilder

The only phone banking software that integrates smoothly with NationBuilder. Sophisticated integrations for the biggest political parties, yet simple enough for your cause!

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