Choose a different dialing mode for every campaign


Predictive Dialer

200% more talk time

Anticipating the number of free agents and the drop rate, the average ring and talk time, the predictive dialer speeds up and slows down the dialing rate to maximise the agent talk time and minimise occurrence of someone answering when no agent is available. A predictive dialer works best for a team of 4 or more agents. If you have to plan a large GOTV campaign or Voter ID, a predictive dialer is ideal for you.

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Power Dialer

Automated outbound dialer

This dialer is perfect for campaigns where the cost of not reaching a contact is high, like fundraising campaigns, volunteer outreach or sales calls to warm leads. The dialer lets agents control the speed of the calling and focus on the current call on hand. The dialer automatically assigns contacts to agents while giving them the time to decide when the call is placed. The dialer calls the next contact only after the agent completes filling up the survey and notes for the call.

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Preview Dialer

Flexible auto dialer

Give your agents and volunteers more flexibility and time before making each call. The CallHub preview dialer gives agents time to learn and research about the contact they will call. The dialer also show complete contact history. View all the recent notes saved by other agents helping you make an informed call.

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Unlimited Agents

CallHub lets you add unlimited number of agents to your campaigns at no extra cost!

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Tons of Features to help you maximize your calling campaigns

Not just calling

CallHub is not just an auto dialer. You can run large bulk text message campaigns, robo call your constituents and get sign ups for events. That's not even the half of it. Talk to us to get the best idea of what CallHub can do for you.

Smart and easy to use

CallHub call center solution is easy to configure and use. It's simple enough for older volunteers to run their phone banks but feature packed and smart enough for the most advanced business needs. Increase your calling rate by upto 5 times. Store information about each call and have it sync directly with your CRM.

No Subscription Fee, Unlimited Agent seats!

Pay as you go!

Analytics and Insights

Get real-time reports and analytics for every call and SMS campaign

Detailed reports about your call center campaigns helps you plan effectively. You'll get real-time campaign report, detailed call report and daily performance report. Track agent activity, log time and efficiency.

Compare agents and reward the best teams.

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Live Phone Call Monitoring

Monitor phone calls and train your agents and volunteers.

Every call made is recorded and can be monitored by you. Join and listen into calls while they are happening.

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Over 900 customers across 30 countries

Helping the very best communicate with their customers.

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Improve call engagement

Dynamic CallerID

Set your CallerID to the location of your contacts and increase your engagement rates by 20%

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More to know


CallHub integrates bi-directionally with CRMs

NationBuilder, SalesForce, CiviCRM, ActionNetwork, ActionKit , Shopify 

Save money
Charged on 30 s pulses

Pay only for what you use. You are charged for every 30s.


CallHub support is available 24/7 to help you out when you need it.