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Choose a different dialing mode for every campaign

Automated Dialers

Predictive Dialer

200% more talk time

Get more number of calls done in half the time. The Predictive Dialer connects your call center agents only to live callers, skipping through busy numbers, disconnected numbers and no answers. The predictive algorithm speeds up or slows down your dialing rate to maximize the time agents spend talking and minimizes the occurrence of a contact picking up the phone when an agent is unavailable.

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Power Dialer

Automated outbound dialer

Perfect for campaigns where the cost of not reaching a contact is high, like fundraising campaigns, volunteer outreach or sales calls to warm leads.The Power Dialer dials one contact for every available agent with the agent manually initiating every call with a click. If you are stressed for time, simply enable auto dial mode to control your dialing rate and to let the dialer skip over busy and unanswered calls.

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Preview Dialer

Flexible auto dialer

Give your agents the flexibility to choose the person to call from their list and enough time to research the contact before placing the call. Agents can view detailed contact profiles with history on every interaction. Once agents are ready, they click a button to automatically place the call via the Preview Dialer.

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Robo Dialer

Automated outbound calls

Make hundreds of thousands of calls simultaneously without waiting for free phone lines. The Robo Dialer calls out to every person on your list and plays your pre-recorded audio message. Use Press-1 functionality on your automated calls to collect responses or to connect contacts to a campaign representative.

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Advantages of CallHub Automated Dialers

Unlimited Agent Accounts

Add unlimited agent seats to your calling campaigns at zero additional cost.

Reports and Analytics

Analyze the performance of your automated dialing campaigns with live analytics and daily call reports.

Pay as You Go Pricing

Pay only for the minutes you use. No monthly subscriptions.

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Automated Dialer Features

Project a local presence

Match your caller ID with the location of your contacts.

Schedule follow-ups

Schedule a convenient time to follow-up and CallHub will automatically dial the contact at that time.

Live Phone Call Monitoring

Join live calls for quality assurance and to guide training sessions.

Do Not Call

Enable DNC on your automated dialing campaigns, modify your DNC list, and import your own list into CallHub.

Answering Machine Detection

Drop a voicemail or skip over answering machines for your Robo Dialing campaigns.



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Phone Number Verification

Weed out non-existent and outdated numbers and segment landline and mobile numbers.

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What about people who don’t pick up their phone?
Follow-up with a text message.

"I really love your team. You are just super responsive and super friendly and nothing's too difficult! It's been a really good experience."


Integrations tie it all together

Connect with the software you use every day. Integrations with popular CRM software like NGP VAN, NationBuilder and Salesforce keeps your lists, surveys, tags and custom fields synced in real-time.

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Why more than 3000 customers chose CallHub

Quick setup

No software to download or install. All you need is a web browser. Try it free before you spend a penny.


More than 20,000 agents, ages 18 to 80, use CallHub tools to make calls and send texts. We know to keep things simple.

Responsive support

Our team of support engineers are on hand at all times to help out. We also have detailed documentation on our Help Center.

Bi-directional integrations

Keep data synced across tools with one-click integrations. We also have extensive API’s and Webhooks including a Zapier integration.

Reliable platform

CallHub runs on the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Pay as you go pricing

Pay only for calls you make with zero monthly subscriptions. Unlimited agent seats and contacts.

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