Automated Calling System

Deliver pre-recorded voice messages to thousands with one click. Instantly relay messages over calls to all contacts with CallHub’s reliable automated calling service with advanced features.

  • Achieve high answer rates by calling from verified numbers.
  • Transfer live calls with multiple transfer options.
  • Set up and get going in under five minutes.
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Automated phone calls overview

What is automated calling?

Automated calling is an outreach method that organizations use to deliver pre-recorded messages to all their contacts at once. Typically it comes in handy to relay updates, reminders, event details, and more.

With CallHub’s automated call system, you can set up a campaign and send out messages in three simple steps.

step 1

Select your conracts

Upload your contact list you wish to reach out to. Directly upload a csv file or import the contacts from your CRM.

step 2

Add your message

Upload a pre-recorded message or use the text to speech feature to type it out.

step 3

Set the campaign details and schedule

Set the transfer options (if needed), select the phone number to make calls, set the schedule and you’re all set to go.

Key features of CallHub’s automated phone system


Type out your message with text to speech

Don’t have time to record an audio? Type your message in our text-to-speech engine and we’ll convert it into a voice message. You can also personalize the message with tags.


Set up multiple call transfer options

Transfer live calls to agents to have detailed conversations, collect data, etc. With CallHub, you can set up to 10 transfer options for digits between 0 to 9.


Control the caller id shown to your contacts

Rent phone numbers of your choice or use a toll-free number. Or use the Dynamic caller ID feature to automatically rent local numbers based on the contact’s location to improve answer rates.


Drop a voicemail for answering machines

CallHub automatically detects answering machines and drops a voicemail. Choose to leave the same message or upload a completely different pre-recorded voice message for machines.


Maximize contact rate by retrying unanswered calls

Make sure contacts receive your message by re-dialing unanswered calls. You can set up the number of times you want a contact to be redialed.


Get the transcripts of messages people leave you

Collect voicemails from your contacts to collect data or feedback and get email transcripts for the same. We also send you the audio message via email too.

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Why use CallHub?


Unparalleled support

Our support team works round the clock to help you. We have a 94% customer satisfaction rate and respond to queries in less than 3 hours on average.


Competitive pricing

Create an account and pay only for the automated phone calls you make. Alternatively, you can choose plans for discounted pricing. Unbeatable prices compared to other automated phone systems.


Integrations with all CRMs

Connect CallHub directly with your CRM or via Zapier. Import contact data and personalize your automated voice messages, sync data collected over these phone calls with your database; all in real-time.

Improve your answer rates exponentially with SHAKEN/STIR compliance

With SHAKEN/STIR, carriers validate and attest numbers to determine whether they’ll be labeled as ‘Caller Verified’ or ‘Potential Spam’.

For a legitimate organization, contacts see the ‘Caller Verified’ badge that increases trust in the caller thereby improving answer rates.

With CallHub’s automated calling services, all outbound calls are SHAKEN/STIR compliant at no extra cost.


Get detailed insights with real-time reports

CallHub’s analytics dashboard provides you with detailed insights like the number of automated calls attempted, how many were answered, retried, and more.

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