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Facebook Fundraising: How To Make Use Of It

Published: Aug 1, 2018

Facebook fundraising has become popular in recent years. Many nonprofit organizations are using the platform to raise millions of dollars for their causes.

With new features such as the donate button and the fundraiser feature, Facebook has made it easy for nonprofits to ask for donations.

Yet, it’s a puzzle to other organizations.

How can I use Facebook to raise money? Is it easy to use? Is it going to take too much time to figure out? Do I have to spend hundreds of dollars on ads?

Don’t worry! You don’t need a huge budget to get started with Facebook.

In this article, I will tell you how you can leverage Facebook’s free fundraising tools to drive donations to your nonprofit.

Facebook donate button

Adding a donation button to your Facebook page is a good way to encourage donors and supporters to contribute quickly to your cause.

Instead of going to your website to make a donation, you can ask your supporters to give on Facebook.

It’s easy to add this feature. All you have to do is go to your page and select the “add a button” option. You can either use it to send users to your donation form or collect funds directly through Facebook. For funds collected directly through the platform, Facebook keeps five percent of the donation as processing fees.

The donation button is only available to nonprofits so make sure you register as one before setting up your page!

Don’t forget to include information about the donation button in your posts. It will encourage people to take advantage of this simple method.

How to get started with Facebook tools

Apart from adding the donation button to your page header, nonprofits can add this button to posts, ads and Facebook live. This way, people interacting with your posts can make donations easily.

Add a donation button to your posts: adding a donate button to your posts makes it easier for supporters to donate when they get inspired. And they don’t have to leave Facebook to do so.

Collect donations through Facebook ads: by creating an ad in ads manager you can collect donations. When donors click on your ad it will redirect them to the website of your choice and they can make their contribution here.

Add donate button to Facebook live: Facebook live videos generate more engagement as compared to traditional videos and people like sharing their experience through this feature. Nonprofits can embrace the power of live videos and add a donation button to it. People can donate to your cause during the live broadcast and the ones who missed it can donate while watching the recorded version.

These features are available only to US-based 501(c)(3) charities with a verified Page.

Enable supporters to set up fundraisers on Facebook

Supporters can create fundraisers the same way they would a group or an event. They can select their preferred nonprofit, personalize the fundraiser with photos and content, set a goal, and invite friends and family to donate. With this, all you have to do is encourage your biggest supporters and donors to set up fundraisers for your organization.

Supporters can then share the Fundraiser on their profiles and feeds. And invitees can share the fundraiser with their friends. So, friends of donors can see a prompt contribution on their news feed, giving you an opportunity to get more donations.

As of now only users in the United States and selected European nations can create fundraisers on Facebook and users from 39 countries can donate in their local currencies.

Remember, the content you post on your page has to be engaging and people must be able to connect with it. Only then will they want to share your posts and help you raise funds.

Set up Facebook events to promote your fundraiser

Facebook events are customized pages that nonprofits can create to invite supporters to execute their fundraising event ideas.

It is also the best way to expand your donor base as loyal supporters and new guests alike will be interested in fun activities like a black-tie gala or playing golf. So, don’t waste a good opportunity to expand your reach.

Once you invite supporters to an event, they will receive periodic notifications for that event, keeping your event at the top of their mind.

Use facebook messenger to ask for donations

Charity: Water was the first nonprofit organization to use messenger bots to ask for donations through Facebook using the messenger specialist, Assist. Through this, messenger users can interact with nonprofits and make donations.

The bot automatically responds to trigger words, such as “donate” (you can customize the trigger words), with relevant options.

For example, if you give an option saying “Join In”, the bot would invite the user by asking them to register their email address with the organization.

With over a billion users on Facebook, nonprofits can use this platform as well as other social media platforms to raise funds and reach their goals. Besides the aforementioned practices for Facebook fundraising, make sure your content is engaging. This way you will grow your donor base and raise funds.

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