Hubdialer Alternative for political and advocacy campaigns

Looking for an Alternative to Hubdialer with advanced features and competitive pricing?

Fanatical Support

CallHub’s support team is an extremely responsive support team. We want you to succeed and we’ll do everything in our power to help you. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Amazing Integrations

CallHub smoothly integrates with leading community building platforms, and customer management systems. Among others, we integrate with NationBuilder, ActionNetwork and Salesforce. Our open APIs that make it easy to integrate too.

Not just Calling

Send event reminders and get RSVPs through text. Conduct surveys through text or robo calls. Manage volunteers and have as many volunteers phone banking as you need. No added cost.

Robo Calls, Text Blasts, Sign up Campaigns, Patch-through calls and more.

Flexible Pricing

Pay as you go to pay for only what you use and no monthly commitments. If you have high volumes go for subscription plans with advanced features and volume discounts.

CallHub has over 900 satisfied customers spanning across 50 countries


What you can do with CallHub

Grassroots Advocacy
Grow your team of supporters by making it easy for them to sign up for your campaigns. Assign and re-assign as required. No extra charges!
Voter Outreach
Quickly reach out to voters in key areas and help them get to the voting booth. Offer them help if they need it and help swing elections.
Call your representatives
Automated calling campaigns to supporters, connecting them to their representatives. Patch-through calling is known to be the most effective way to get your representative to hear about your issues.
No credit card required

3000+ of the world’s biggest organizations trust CallHub for engagement

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Donor Stewardship


Improve the relationship with your donors and increase the amount of funds raised, through calls that are informed and considerate.
Political Campaigns

Voter ID

Identify the issues that matter to your voters and recruit those that want to support to your candidate. Track campaign progress as voters change their support levels.
Community Management
Keep your community members engaged and active through constant updates and reminders on community meetings, issues and progress.

“CallHub surpasses the other guys! Very easy to use. I compared it to several other services and am very happy that we have chosen to do business with them. The team is so friendly, easy to work with and assists wherever they can. It is a joy to work with them!”


Leslie Stubblefield, Insurance Media Services

CallHub has become my go-to platform for affordable phone canvassing campaigns, voice broadcasts and text message blasts. I used the Voice Broadcast feature in various ways, from inviting people to events to, in one case, contacting almost every household in a small province to generate leads for people wanting more information about a plebiscite that was taking place.”


Jordan Bober, Director of Development and Election Readiness, Green Party of Prince Edward Island

“I really love your team. You are just super responsive and super friendly and nothing’s too difficult! It’s been a really good experience.”


Shaun Murray, Senior Organizer, GetUp

“CallHub made my marketing program easy and also affordable. I love the dialer, the SMS marketing program and the voice broadcasts. The CallHub team is doing a wonderful job!”


Wendy Mathis, Global Quest Services

“I love this product. It’s so easy to use with a very clean user interface. The price is the most economical I’ve seen in the industry and last but not least is the wonderful customer support. They answer all questions very quick.”


Ronald Hart, Marketer, The Cloud Marketers
Analytics and Dashboard
Run smarter informed campaigns using data from your CRM and phone banking campaigns. These insights will help you optimize your campaign and reach out to the right people at the right time.


Encourage your volunteers to call and contribute through healthy competition. Let teams compete with others and individuals fighting for the honor of being the most prolific phone banker.
Events and Rallies
Increase attendance to events and rallies through reminders and RSVPs. Communicate with your supporters while saving time by not engaging with every single supporter.

International Countries

We support 200+ international countries. You can use your local country phone number as the caller id in all your phone calls. You can buy local phone number in your countries as well. CallFire does not let you buy international phone numbers.