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Preview Dialer

Preview the contact before auto dialing them.

Preview Dialer

Flexible automated outbound dialer

Calling leads, donors or community members can sometimes be more organic. An agent needs time to research the contact, understand the calling history and then call the contact. This preview dialer lets agents do just that. The dialer gives the agent flexibility while still giving the manager control over the people being called. The manager gets a recording of every call made as well as detailed reports on the call.

Live Phone Call Monitoring

Stay on the call while the voter talks to the decision maker. Your call is on mute.

Unlimited Volunteers

Volunteers are crucial to your campaign. Recruit as many as you need, for free! We do not charge per seat in a campaign.

Scripts and Surveys

Add a calling script and survey for every campaign. Train your agent on the script and collect information on the call and the progress. The results are synced directly into your CRM.

Call from anywhere

Recruit volunteers from around the city or even world and put them to work. Volunteers can make calls for a campaign from anywhere in the world, right from their browser. Browser calls cost the least. They can even make calls from their phone or soft phone.

Contact History

View complete log of calls for a contact before calling them. Every note saved by an agent is stored and shown as history.

Surveys responses and Analytics

Forget pen and paper. Use CallHub's advanced survey tool and get digital responses instantly. Use advanced analytics platform to evaluate your calling campaign.

Step 1: Search for a contact

Step 2: Review notes and calling history

Step 3: Hit dial when ready to talk

Actively connect supporters to decision makers

How it works

Build a team of volunteers to call supporters and talk to them about the issues. Let the volunteer guide and practice the script with the supporter. Once they're prepared, connect the supporter to the representative, all the while staying on the call. Once the call is complete, the volunteer can connect the supporter to another representative if needed.

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Other Dialers

Predictive Dialer

Improve to 200% agent occupancy

Anticipating the number of free agents and the drop rate, the average ring and talk time, the predictive dialer speeds up and slows down the dialing rate to maximise the agent talk time and minimises drop rate. Works best for large campaigns.

Power Dialer

Controlled Dialer

An automated dialer for teams that don't need to be rushed. Contacts are dialed only when agents are free while skipping bad numbers, busy numbers and answering machines. You can also set the dialing rate for a faster dialing speed, at X:1.

Pay as you go
No Subscription fee!

  • Rates
    CountryOutbound CallsInbound Calls
    United StatesUSD 0.046USD 0.026

    Rates are for billing increment of 30 seconds

  • Example usage cost
    # CallsTotal Cost
    1000USD 46
    5000USD 230
    100000USD 4600
  • See all prefixes
    PrefixOutbound Calls
    1USD 0.046
    1833USD 0.046
    1844USD 0.046
    1855USD 0.046
    1877USD 0.046
    1888USD 0.046
    1866USD 0.046
    1808USD 0.046
    1800USD 0.046
    1907USD 0.243
    PrefixInbound Calls
    1USD 0.026
    18USD 0.062

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Get detailed reports and analytics for every call made. Track and monitor all calls live.

Reports and Analytics

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