Recruitment Marketing with Texts

Find and nurture the right talents to join your organization.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process to promote your brand using marketing techniques to attract new talent, build relationships and recruit the right fit.

Use shortcodes to get opt-ins

Get interested candidates to send you a specific keyword for open roles or opt in for future company updates.

Texting prospects to qualify

Have one to one conversations with candidates to qualify them for the role and follow up with relevant info.

Use mass texts for on-campus interviews

Reach out to a large group of people in minutes to garner interest for recruitment drives.

Why should recruiters use texting?

Millennials and post millennials prefer texting.

According to research the majority of the labor force looking to join a job prefer texting over any other channel.


98% of texts are opened

Texts have a really high open rate and they are opened within 3 minutes of receiving. This makes it a very effective channel to get the message across.

Texting suits every stage

Texts are great for any stage of the recruitment process. Send invites, application links, reminders, follow ups and more.

Automation with personalization

Attract and engage a large number of people with automated and personalized texting campaigns


Have a conversation.

With texting being a preferred channel for most it is a channel to have a conversation without being invasive.

Try CallHub now for recruitment marketing

CallHub texting platform


Peer to peer texting

Use the highly converting channel to engage your leads one to one.

Mass Texting

Make announcements in an instant with powerful mass texts.


SMS Opt-in

Collect interests and grow your prospect list with easy SMS opt-ins across any other channel.

Why choose CallHub?

Shortcodes & Keywords

Rent shortcodes and keywords to let your prospects express interest easily.


Texting from Call Center

Share info or followup with automated texts after calls.


Fast texting rates

Send up to 1500 texts for one to one texting and up to 360K texts in an hour with mass texting.

Local presence

Use dynamic caller id to appear local to any prospect regardless of where they are from.

Unlimited agents

Enjoy unlimited seats so every agent in your agency can call within the same platform.

Zero infrastructure cost

As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can use CallHub from anywhere.

Lead management

Use Callhub’s CRM to manage student prospects with tags and lists.


Pre-built Scripts

Have proven scripts ready for your callers, ensuring better conversions.

Try CallHub now for recruitment marketing

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