How to Add SMS to your Email Fundraising Efforts

Everything you need to take your campaign digital in 2018.

Email remains the default communication channel for organizations…and rightly so. But unless you can compliment it with personal forms of communication, engagement metrics are going to keep dropping.

SMS text messages helps organizations have personal conversations at scale. Using SMS for fundraising would mean:

  1. Making your ask over one to one conversations (even with limited staff)
  2. Finding the balance between SMS and email in your donor journey
  3. Using a mix of SMS broadcast, peer to peer texting and text-based signup to get people to your events

This webinar is for you if:

  • You are thinking of SMS as a channel but not sure how to set it up
  • You have started out with SMS engagement but not seeing enough ROI
  • You want to use SMS for personal donor communication

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