CallHub vs. Peerly

Planning to engage a large number of people with two way texting. CallHub’s peer-to-peer texting solution makes it easy. Text thousands of contacts at once, have real conversations, and drive action.

Do more than just texting

CallHub offers more than just p2p texting. It’s a one stop shop for all your communication needs. Inbound and outbound calling, text broadcasting, sms opt-in, voice broadcasting, and email; all in a single dashboard.

Get help anywhere, anytime

CallHub’s support team works from 9am to 2am EST, including the weekends. If you can’t find your answer in one of our comprehensive support guides, you can reach out to us over chat, email, slack or even a call.

Easy integrations with your existing CRM

You don’t have to change your existing CRM with CallHub. It has direct integrations with all major CRMs like NationBuilder, NGP Van, Salesforce, Blackbaud and more. You can also sync your data with your CRM via Zapier.

Comparing CallHub vs. Peerly

Send texts at ¢4 (and lesser); no sneaky charges

CallHub Peerly
Set up fee $0 $0
Per outgoing text cost 2.5¢
Per incoming text cost 1.2¢ 2.5¢
Per text MMS cost 6.5¢
Per text MMS cost (for HD videos) 10¢
Pay as you go pricing Yes No
Bulk text discounts Yes Yes
Subscription plans  No Yes
Refundable credits Yes No
Credit Expiration Date None Monthly
Use your own number Yes (Free) [Except USA and Canada] No
Caller ID Cost $5/month 25¢/number (with additional charge of $16 after 10K texts)
Adaptive Texting Block (for faster outreach)* Yes Unavailable


*Adaptive texting block helps you increase outreach rate by increasing the number of messages you can send per hour. This is done by renting a block of numbers with the same area code. You can add as many numbers as you want in the block.


Reach people with no legal worries whatsoever 

CallHub Peerly
Send all Initial Texts  Yes No
10DLC Registered Numbers Yes Yes
Timezone scheduling* Yes No
Account level DNC list Yes Yes
Contact Data Hidden** Yes No
Automatic Opt-outs Yes (Anyone who responds with negative keywords) No


* Timezone scheduling lets you schedule the campaigns for the timezone your contacts are in. This helps ensure compliance in different states wherein the TCPA mandated hours for texting are different. 

** Admin have complete control over what contact data is shown to agents to ensure data security.


Onboard and manage agents with ease 

CallHub Peerly
Join campaigns from browser Yes Yes
Mobile App to join campaigns Yes No
Unlimited agent seats Yes Undisclosed
Agent self registration* Yes No
Admin adds agents manually Yes Yes
Agent Teams** Yes No
Agent notifications (sent within the app) Yes No


* Agents just need to fill out a web form and get added to the campaign. They can start calling in minutes. 

** Agent teams allows you to divide a large set of agents into teams and each team is responsible for their own campaigns.

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Why are people choosing CallHub over others?

All-in-one communication platform

CallHub is a 360 degree communication tool. We have calling, texting, voice, and email solutions in one single platform. Just sign up for an account and start using any of them.

Easy to migrate from any solution

Already using another software? That’s no problem. CallHub has helped organizations of all sizes switch from Peerly and other platforms. We make it easy & effortless

Get started in minutes

Unlike other platforms, setting up an account with CallHub is instant and automatic. You don’t need anyone’s help or wait for hours before you can start texting. You can literally get started in minutes.

Incredibly scalable and reliable

CallHub is battle-tested and capable of sending over 25 million texts per day. With a 99% uptime; you can rest assured that your campaigns are never going to stop; no matter how big.

Trusted and loved by customers worldwide


“CallHub surpasses the other guys! Very easy to use. I compared it to several other services and am very happy that we have chosen to do business with them. The team is so friendly, easy to work with and assists wherever they can. It is a joy to work with them!”

 Leslie Stubblefield, Insurance Media Services

“CallHub has become my go-to platform for affordable phone canvassing campaigns, voice broadcasts and text message blasts. I used the Voice Broadcast feature in various ways, from inviting people to events to, in one case, contacting almost every household in a small province to generate leads for people wanting more information about a plebiscite that was taking place.”

Jordan Bober, Director of Development and Election Readiness, Green Party of Prince Edward Island

“I really love your team. You are just super responsive and super friendly and nothing’s too difficult! It’s been a really good experience.”

Shaun Murray, Senior Organizer, GetUp

“CallHub made my marketing program easy and also affordable. I love the dialer, the SMS marketing program and the voice broadcasts. The CallHub team is doing a wonderful job!”

 Wendy Mathis, Global Quest Services

“I love this product. It’s so easy to use with a very clean user interface. The price is the most economical I’ve seen in the industry and last but not least is the wonderful customer support. They answer all questions very quick.”

 Ronald Hart, Marketer, The Cloud Marketers

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Peerly FAQs

1. What is Peerly’s pricing?

Peerly follows a subscription based pricing model that starts from $349/month and includes 14K texts. Both incoming and outgoing texts are counted in this number. You can upgrade your plan later to add more credits if you exhaust the given ones.

2. Is there any setup required to use Peerly?

No. Peerly is a cloud based solution. So you’ll need a laptop and an internet connection. Just login to your browser app and get started.

3. How do agents join campaigns on Peerly?

To start sending texts, agents will need a laptop and an internet connection. Login to the app from your browser and start texting. So far, there’s no other way for agents to join campaigns on Peerly.

4. Does Peerly provide 10DLC registration? Are there any alternatives for 10DLC available?

Peerly does provide 10DLC registration. You will need to fill out a form providing the relevant details for the registration. This varies based on your organization type.

As for alternatives, you can use short codes or toll free numbers for texting. However, there’s no information on whether these options are available or not on the platform.

CallHub FAQs

1. What is CallHub’s pricing?

CallHub follows a pay as you go pricing model. So you’re only charged for the texts you send at 4¢. We also offer subscriptions. So if your texting volumes are higher, the price is even lower.

2. Is there any setup required for CallHub?

Absolutely not. Just login to your account from your browser and get started. We even have a mobile app for campaigning so agents can send and receive texts from their phones; anytime, anywhere.

3. How do agents join campaigns on CallHub?

There are two ways agents can join p2p texting campaigns on CallHub.

i. They can log in to their campaigns via the browser.
ii. They can start texting people from their phones by downloading the CallHub mobile app.

4. How secure is CallHub?

Security is at the core of the CallHub platform. CallHub uses network firewalls to restrict external access, TLS encryption to keep application and server connection secure and 2 factor authentication to restrict account access. We also use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our cloud infrastructure provider which has data centers that are highly secure, nondescript, and have numerous safeguards against perimeter intrusion.