MMS marketing software to increase engagement and boost sign ups

MMS makes your texts more interesting and encourages your audience to respond. Get more conversions, higher response rates, and better shares by using MMS in your text conversations.


What is MMS marketing?

MMS marketing is a mobile marketing method that leverages Multimedia Messaging Service to communicate with prospects. It can be considered an extension of traditional text messages, with the capability of sending multimedia content like images, gifs, videos, pdfs, and audio clips.

Benefits (or advantages) of MMS marketing

You can use MMS messages to drive more sign ups, use it to get RSVP for events, and even share polling information for GOTV efforts. Using MMS to start peer to peer text conversations ensure that the prospect responds faster to your message.

Increase conversion rates to 70%

Engaging content like MMS can get you conversion rates as high as 70% – a big improvement from regular texts that generate only a 36% conversion. So if you are looking to boost your regular text message marketing, using MMS is a great idea.


20% higher opt-ins than SMS

MMS has a 20% higher opt-in rate than SMS. When you are looking to grow your text messaging list (or even get more sign ups), having MMS instead of traditional texts can amp up your efforts.

Improve shareability by 8x

Interesting messages get shared more. Using MMS adds interest to your texts and makes them 8 times more likely to be shared. So use MMS for event invites, GOTV texts, and announcements to reach a wider audience.


Extend character limit by 10 times

Say more with MMS! MMS allows you to convey more information with a single text. It has a 1600 character limit (as opposed to 160 for SMS), making it easier for you to share information with your audience

Get more engagement

Pictures and rich media enhance your texts making them more engaging for your audience. As a result, MMS messages have a higher open rates, and response rates as opposed to regular SMS messages.

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MMS marketing with Callhub

In CallHub, you can get started with an MMS text campaign in under 5 minutes.

Upload your contact list

From your database, add contact details to a CallHub ‘Phonebook’. You can also sync your CRM to directly import contacts.


Set up a campaign

Create a MMS campaign – it can be a peer to peer text, a mass text, or even opt-in text campaign. Specify the contact list you want the campaign to be sent to.


Draft the message

Personalize your campaign message using custom fields like {merge_tags}, {first_name} etc. You can also choose to handle responses automatically and set that up.


Schedule it

Specify when you want the texts to be sent – the time and date. Keep it within business hours to stay compliant.

MMS Marketing – CallHub features that make it powerful

CallHub is designed to make your agents’ life easier and set up high performing campaigns. Here is a list of features in text message marketing that you need to know about.

Verify phone numbers

Don’t waste money sending MMS to invalid numbers. You can clean up your Phonebook to remove landline numbers and ‘bad’ numbers so that they don’t affect your campaign.

Alphanumeric sender ID

Get better brand recall. Instead of displaying just a phone number, also show a brand name so that your texts are easily identifiable.


Automatic responses

You can set up automatic responses based on the keyword your audience uses to respond. This makes your responses intelligent, without needing the extra manpower/resources.


Schedule campaigns

Helps your busy teams set up campaigns easier. You can schedule multiple campaigns in advance to go out at a date and time you specify.

Local numbers

Send MMS from a number with the same area code as your contacts. Having a local presence increases the chances of your message being read.

Powerful Integrations

Ensure that all your tools work together for smooth data flow and easy interaction. CallHub integrates with Blackbaud, NationBuilder, and also uses Zapier to connect with 1000+ apps.

Manage opt-outs

CallHub automatically unsubscribes people who respond with QUIT, STOP, CANCEL, END, and UNSUBSCRIBE.


Data collection

Build a contact profile by collecting Name, Email, City, Job title etc. via a series of automated interactions. The responses can be automatically synced to your CRM.


Segmentation and targeting

Send relevant follow-up messages based on audience responses. Search and filter contacts in CallHub based on how they respond and create a separate contact list to follow-up.



Merge fields

Personalize your MMS using the contact’s first name and specific details, instead of a generic ‘Hello’.

Insightful analytics

Use delivery reports to see which texts perform better. Test and compare various MMS campaigns to see which combination gets the most responses and the least opt-outs

Unlimited agents

You are not charged for agents – only for the messages you send. So bring as many agents as you need on each campaign to help send out the texts.

Why choose CallHub MMS marketing software?

CallHub MMS marketing software offers immense advantages to your text message marketing campaigns

User friendly design

No prior experience with MMS marketing tools is needed. With CallHub, your agents can get started with a campaign in under 5 minutes.

Helpful customer support

If our detailed customer support documents and guides are not enough, we always have a team of support engineers on hand to help you out.

Flexible pricing

You can opt for a pay-as-you-go pricing and pay only for the MMS you send (no monthly commitments). For high usage, you can also choose from our subscription plans for volume discounts and advanced features.

Reliable delivery rates

We handle a volume of 300k MMS every month. Despite the high volume, we have assured delivery of almost 100% of texts we send.

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How can I use CallHub MMS software for my organization?

CallHub allows you to use MMS in two separate campaigns. You can add MMS in your mass texting campaigns, or you can use MMS in your peer to peer texts. Here is how it can help your campaigns.

Get more engagement to your bulk texts

You can add images, videos, gifts, and even PDFs to your mass texting campaigns. It will ensure that your texts are read and also get a response. You can send event invitations, newsletters, impact reports, and information on your candidate via MMS. These texts will get better engagement over regular SMS.


Improve responses via one to one conversations

Peer to peer texts bring a personal touch to conversations and have the power to drive action. You can make it even more powerful by adding MMS. Initiate the conversation with a meaningful/compelling image that moves your audience to respond. You can boost the number of responses you get and also improve the quality of conversations.

3000+ of the world’s biggest organizations trust CallHub for engagement


Is MMS marketing a fit for my organization?

MMS marketing is suitable for any business that is looking to engage its audience with interesting texts. As long as you have a list of contacts who have opted-in to receive text messages from you, you can send them MMS text messages.

Top use-cases for MMS marketing

Nonprofit organizations can use MMS to:

  • Share event invitations
  • Send impact reports and brochures

E-commerce companies can use MMS to:

  • Get more traffic during sale
  • Increase awareness of a new product

Political organizations can use MMS to:

  • Build awareness about the candidate
  • Improve voter turn-out for GOTV


Advocacy groups can use MMS to:

  • Share petitions
  • Build momentum for protests

Educational institutions can use MMS to:

  • Share admission brochures
  • Send event invitations to parents

Churches and Ministries can use MMS to:

  • Improve visitor follow-up strategy
  • Collect tithes and donations

Real-estate businesses can use MMS to:

  • Send apartment/floor plans
  • Share designs and testimonials

Retail Industries can use MMS to:

  • Increase purchase during sale
  • Build excitement about new items

Hospitals can use MMS to:

  • Thank donors for their support
  • Share Newsletters and progress

MMS marketing best practices

Getting an opt-in or consent from contact is just a way to keep your MMS messages compliant. To ensure that you experience the full advantages of MMS – more engagements, shares, and responses, here are a few best practices you can follow.


Gather opt-ins through texts

Stick to fewer colors and gradients for images and gifs. This will make the MMS use fewer pixels, and thus reduce the cost of data transmission for you.


Add subject line

Subject lines are an added feature in MMS that is not available in SMS. It gives a short preview of the text inside. Make it compelling by adding emojis and personalization.


Send videos not dependant on sound

Ensure that your videos are comprehensible even without sound on. It will help reach an audience who can’t have the volume on while watching.

Promote social sharing

The message body of MMS has 1600 characters. Apart from adding CTAs, or links back to your website, you can also use this space to add social sharing buttons

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MMS Marketing FAQs

Is sending MMS legal?

As with any other text messaging MMS messaging also requires consent (or opt-in), before you can send it to prospects.

What does CallHub MMS software do to ensure compliance?

CallHub automatically adds a compliance message in the initial text to ensure that the texts you send are legal. Apart from this, it also makes it easy for contacts to unsubscribe and gathers opt-in via texts to ensure legality.

Can I send other texts with CallHub MMS software?

Sure thing! You can use CallHub to send both MMS and SMS to your contacts. Use MMS to initiate the conversation and then carry on with regular texts.

How do I know if CallHub MMS software is suitable for my organization?

MMS marketing is suitable for any business that is looking to engage its audience with interesting texts. As long as you have a list of contacts who have opted-in to receive text messages from you, you can send them MMS text messages.