Sync Contacts and Tags
Every new contact in CallHub is a contact in NationBuilder. Create tags and view NationBuilder tags within CallHub.
Type of Communication
Invite, Recruitment, GOTVChoose contact type and set the type of communication
Custom Fields
Integrate with custom fields to export data easily.
Surveys and Events
Import surveys and events for volunteers to fill up during calls.
Support Levels
Set support levels of a contact right from within CallHub
200 countries
Connect with supporters across 200 countries
Share Text and Audio messages
Text messages sent and received and the Audio recordings from calls are shared with your NationBuilder account.
Event RSVPs
Get RSVPs for events from text messages, voice broadcast or call center responses

How Les Republicains used NationBuilder and CallHub to call over 900K voters

How it works

Use CallHub for Telephone and Text surveys, outreach programs, reminders, confirmations and verifications.

Available for 200+ international countries

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Synchronize all Activity with NationBuilder


"The service worked perfectly. I am so glad that this service is available to us down under."

- Adam Taylor

"The integration between CallHub and NationBuilder is great. The software is easy to use, online and in-person support quick and friendly and the costs are highly competitive. A must-have service."

- Philip O'Donoghue

Call center integration features

Import surveys

Sync results with NationBuilder

During calls, volunteers can ask voters NationBuilder surveys and fill the answers right in their calling interface. Survey responses, notes and audio recording of the call, sync back to NationBuilder.


Event RSVP

Call your supporters and motivate them to attend your events and rallies. Event RSVP's flow into NationBuilder instantly.


Set NB supporter levels

During a call, a volunteer can set the NationBuilder supporter levels of a voter. This change will reflect in the contacts profile on NationBuilder. Use this feature to indicate progress after a successful call with a voter. Learn more