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Let’s meet at NTC2019

Published: Mar 7, 2019

NTC 2019

The CallHub team of communication experts are attending the NTC2019. We would love to meet you and say hi. So swing by our booth (no.427 and 429) and let’s catch up!

Don’t worry, we will make it worth your while. Between lots of fun conversation and actionable tips for your next outreach campaign, we will also give you something concrete to take back. Here is what you can expect:

Session on multi-channel story-telling

Have you met Augustus? He is the cool, fun dude (he really is – trust me!) who is trying to solve the communication challenges for Non Profits with CallHub. Book a one on one with him to discuss how to enable multichannel communication for donor nurturing. He will show you how to customise CallHub for your organisation so that your donor journey will look something like this:Multichannel engagement CallHub

A sneak peek into exciting product updates

Winning a campaign is all about planning ahead. Get a sneak preview of the beta version of these new releases we have lined up for the coming few weeks. You can then plan your campaigns around what to expect and thus get more impact.

Blackbaud Integration


CallHub Blackbaud integration


Oh yes, you read that right!

We are pretty excited about this integration. We found that a lot of our customers struggle with an information gap between volunteer data collected and using that data to execute campaigns. This Blackbaud integration is our solution to that. By integrating your Blackbaud account to CallHub, you can:

a) Follow up better on fundraising campaigns:  Your agents can now have all donor information on CallHub – including their previous donation amounts. You can then start calling or texting these donors for stewardship or retention. It will also give your agents context during the second or next ask.

b) Personalise donor journey: Your donor’s social interaction and their activity with your campaign microsite are recorded in Blackbaud. In CallHub, that will get imported in the ‘Notes’ section. When your agents call / text the donor, they can use this to set the context. This will make the donor journey more seamless and personalised.

c) Run targeted campaigns: If you add tags in CallHub, it will reflect as ‘Interests’ in Blackbaud and vice versa. With each tag, you can also create separate ‘Constituents’ in Blackbaud. Which means, you can now segment volunteers and supporters based on their interests and plan targeted outreach.



Email integration Callhub

This is everyone’s favourite and is in because of popular demand! We have added one more channel of communication to bolster your campaigns. You can create an email campaign to all your contacts, right from CallHub, without having to switch platforms.  Now, you can follow-up with your volunteers on calls, text and emails – with just one click (ok, maybe two).

So come to our booth at Portland Oregon to try out these releases. We would love to know your story and see what more we can do to help you!

Don’t forget – we are waiting at booth no. 427 and 429! 🙂


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