Volunteer Calling for NationBuilder

Get Volunteers to Call your NationBuilder Lists

Seamless integration

The only phone banking software that integrates smoothly with NationBuilder. Sophisticated integrations for the biggest political parties, yet simple enough for your cause!

Import the data from NationBuilder into CallHub and get all the results back into NationBuilder, immediately. Get RSVP’s for your events, get views on your positions in real-time.

Import Surveys

Volunteers can talk to people and fill out NationBuilder surveys. Survey responses, notes and audio recording of the call, comes back to NationBuilder. Volunteers can leave a pre-recorded message, if an answering machine answers the phone.

Event RSVP

Call your supporters and motivate them to attend your events and rallies. Event RSVP’s flow into NationBuilder instantly.

Watch how to integrate with NationBuilder