Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It offers cloud tools that allow businesses and nonprofits to connect with their customers and supporters.

Why connect CallHub to Salesforce?

Use phone calls, peer-to-peer texting, mass texting and voice broadcasts to reach your Salesforce leads and contacts.

With CallHub and Salesforce you can:

Create a campaign in Salesforce and assign specific leads. Log into CallHub and import the contacts in that campaign to run calling or texting campaigns. All of the activity(data updates, notes, etc) based on your conversation with any contact will then reflect in the Salesforce campaign.

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CallHub Features

Call Center

Make calls to your supporter list with the call center feature. Choose from multiple dialers. Sync with your contact management platform and use data to have personalized conversations.


Peer to Peer texting

Manage personalized conversations over text with texting agents. Use templated replies to send quick responses and survey questions to collect data.

Mass Texting

Mass texting lets you reach everyone on your contact list at once. Personalize messages with custom fields. Send automated replies based on keywords.

Voice Broadcast

Broadcast a pre-recorded message to your contact list simultaneously. Let contacts leave a voicemail and get the recording sent to your email inbox.


With CallHub and Salesforce you can:

  • 2 Way Sync – Sync your data between CallHub and Salesforce.
  • Record interactions with contacts.
  • Configure import settings to control data sync
  • Engage contacts through text messages
  • Run calling campaigns with Salesforce data

Sync data from and to Salesforce

Sync contact data, and custom fields between CallHub and Salesforce. Imports Leads, Contacts, Campaigns and Tags into CallHub as Phonebooks for your campaigns.


Configure import settings to control data sync

As the campaign manager, define what data you want to be synced between CallHub and Salesforce. Map the right fields for a proper data flow. You can also configure to ignore DNC contacts while adding them to a campaign or syncing their data.


Record interactions with contacts

Every interaction (calls, text messages, saved survey questions) with a Contact or Lead is available in Salesforce Activity History for a particular agent, along with details like campaign name, notes and other interactions in the Comments section.


Engage contacts through text messages

Use Salesforce Campaigns as CallHub Phonebooks while creating Mass texting or P2P campaigns. For P2P campaigns, agents can view Lead or Contact profiles in Salesforce from the dashboard by clicking on the profile link


Run calling campaigns

Use Salesforce campaigns imported to CallHub for calling campaigns. Default and Custom Fields from Salesforce can be used to create survey questions. The answers to these questions will be synced to Salesforce, populating those fields.


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