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Build Your Own Call Center: Low Costs, APIs & Dialers

Published: Feb 29, 2024

Do you want to build your own call center? With CallHub’s customizations, you can make your software service work precisely how you wish it to – with easy integrations and APIs that can bridge the span between your existing resources and technological requirements.

Creating your own call center using APIs allows you to design according to your needs while taking advantage of all our features. These advantages include:

  • Designing your own workflows
  • Completely branding the service as your own.
  • Creating custom landing pages for your volunteers.
  • Creating your own Volunteer or Agent signup pages.

Through the following sections, you can get an idea about how easy it is to begin a campaign with low costs, a sampling of the customizations you can add as per your need, and how to automate your responses. 

These samples are intended to give you a broad picture, with resources provided for more in-depth follow-up about any feature you may need further assistance with. 

Cloud contact center tool: How you can begin with no setup or risks 

Since cloud contact centers are hosted off-site, you don’t need to worry about setting up a server and landline connections. 

You can run outbound calling campaigns, letting agents make calls from anywhere (even their homes!) with CallHub’s cloud-based calling solution. You can manage your campaigns remotely and optimize call time with automated dialers. 

With a cloud contact center, as long as agents have a decent internet connection, they will face no problems with call quality, and organizations can leave upkeep to the dedicated provider.

Remote agent access means you don’t need to add new phones or modify hardware whenever new agents are added. Scaling up or scaling down is easy. This is especially beneficial for businesses or other organizations that engage in seasonal outreach campaigns.

Also, CallHub is one of the few cloud call center tools that lets you make and receive calls from one dashboard. It ensures people can call you back in the same campaign, so no prospective connection is ever missed.

Also, a critical bonus is that we offer agent and campaign performance reports in real time. So you know how everything is going every second.

Use CallHub dialers to make it all easy 

Agents spend less of their valuable time dialing calls and more time in conversations with the help of automated dialers. 

CallHub has various dialers like: 

Further, using CallHub dialers allows your calling agents to:

  • Handle conversations better with branching scripts
  • Send follow-up texts while on call
  • Provide context for each call
  • Add surveys, including single and multi-choice questions, and supporter levels
  • Receive incoming calls
  • Make calls from your mobile phone

You can choose one of the four dialers for making calls based on your requirements.

Power Dialer

The power dialer allows you to control the call rate. Each time, the next call is only placed when your agent clicks ‘next call.’ 

This dialer is convenient for advocacies and political groups for fundraising. Overall, it is best for campaigns where the cost of not speaking to a contact is very high – so each call must count.

Auto Dialer

An auto dialer allows you to increase the dialing rate per agent. You can choose between a 1:1 and 3:1 dial rate, and the dialer will dial as many numbers per iteration. The dialer skips busy and bad numbers and unanswered calls, connecting answered calls to free agents.

The auto dialer is perfect for low-quality lists or cold calling when your contact list has all landline numbers

Predictive Dialer

Based on the number of agents you assign, the pickup rates of your contacts, the percentage of dropped calls, and the average call handling time, CallHub’s ‘Predictive Dialer’ algorithms calculate exactly when it should make the next call and assign it to an available agent.

As the dialer only connects agents to answered calls, an agent’s time isn’t wasted listening to dial tones, invalid numbers, and fax machines.

Use APIs to ensure you get all the integrations you need

Connect the tools you use daily with CallHub in a few simple steps. With bi-directional data sharing, ensure all your activity and data within CallHub is synced back to your CRM.

  • Sync back campaign data with your CRM in real-time.
  • Upload contact lists to CallHub in one click.
  • Integrate your CRM directly or via Zapier for two-way data flow.

You can do so much more with CallHub by connecting it to the other apps you use, like Google Sheets, Podio, and Zoho CRM, to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow. 

Further, these APIs can be used to customize your manager and agent experience at the backend so that your campaigns can run smoothly, with all the information you need visible at a glance. 

While you can get a full list of all the APIs CallHub offers at our CallHub developer page, here are some of the most commonly used APIs we offer: 

  • Contacts: Import, display, and add contacts at your preferred locations. Our contacts come with upto 14 keys, including parameters like job title and company name. 
  • Tags: Import tags for contacts and survey questions, and also add your own customized tags for contacts during campaigns. 
  • Webhooks: Create custom events when a call is transferred or forwarded, when you receive a text message, or when the agent adds notes to the contact. This includes adding things like ‘transcript URL’ to the database. 
  • Custom fields: Add custom fields to your surveys for agent sign-up and contact onboarding during campaigns. 
  • Collective texting: Choose from 12 different customizations about what data to display and what data to pass into your CRM when you run a peer-to-peer texting campaign. 

Importing and syncing to other CRMS is a breeze 

CallHub offers integrations with all major CRMs and will customize and import for you if needed.

Broadly, the integrations, using the API keys provided by your CRM, can help you customize your Call Centre campaign in CallHub in the following ways – 

Importing & syncing contacts

You can import your entire contact list or a specific phonebook into CallHub. Once you export your existing contact list from the CRM as a CSV file, you can integrate your CRM with CallHub with a few clicks via our integrations page. 

Critically, you can map the fields from your CRM contact list in CallHub. CallHub syncs the same contact list with the CRM, so your contacts are always updated. 


Importing & syncing surveys 

You don’t have to rewrite all your questions from surveys that have already been taken. You can also use the same integration API to import your survey questions. Once integrated, you will be given the option to import the questions when you are setting up your campaign. And yes, it is just a click of a button. 

When a contact responds to the survey, depending on your CRM, CallHub also allows you to tag the contact with certain codes or tags for future reference. 

For example, you can import your ‘Activist codes’ from NGP Van and tag contacts with them (Union member,  Democrat, Socialist, etc.) when your volunteers conduct the survey. These will then be synced back to the database in NGP Van. 

Read more: How to use NGP VAN Integration

Syncing RSVP events 

For events created in your CRM, you can sync their follow-up and confirmations after using CallHub to get in touch with contacts. You can create customized (or synced from the CRM) fields for agents to fill in when they reach out, and the answers – confirmed, doubtful, need follow-up, etc. – will be automatically synced against your contact in your CRM. 

Additionally, thanks to our contacts (and their tags) being continuously synced with CallHub, you can immediately begin a confirmation or follow-up campaign with the relevant contacts. You can do this over text or calls, as you may choose. 

Automate outreach across channels


Automation can help you save time, stay organized, and complete your tasks without much effort from your end. By automatically re-engaging contacts through personalized follow-up, you can ensure they receive communication at the right time and on the right channel to maximize engagement.

CallHub offers you a highly customized outreach system before, during, and after campaigns, which allows you to choose – 

  • When your campaign reaches out to a contact.
  • The kind of outreach the contact receives – call or text. 
  • An update to further actions. 

For example, imagine a contact replies with ‘Yes’ to a text asking for an RSVP about an event pitched to the contact during a calling campaign. If they do, their confirmation is automatically added to a list so that they can get an event reminder message a day before the event.

CallHub offers this automation via our Workflows system – an addition to the ‘build your own call center’ flow we have been following so far. Automatic actions are initiated with a specific trigger, and you can set up a series of events to occur by defining the conditions under which an action will be performed. 

The CallHub system monitors the workflow for the trigger. Once triggered, the system checks if a condition you stated was true. If yes, an action is performed. If not, the workflow automation stops its execution.

Here is a list of available Triggers, Conditions, and Actions.

Ready to build your own call center?

Now that you have had a look at the features we offer, why not build your own call center and try a campaign of your own? You can get it up and running in a few minutes. 

And even if you don’t have all the details yet, you can always sign in and try a sample campaign to get the hang of it. 

Try CallHub’s Call Center Software for free now.

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