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Boost Volunteer Engagement and Productivity with CallHub’s Mobile App for Calling and Texting

Published: Dec 21, 2022

Managing volunteers for high-volume campaigns can be an unpredictable ride. The success of the campaign depends on your agents’ efficiency, and that is never guaranteed. You have a long list of responsibilities, including:

  • Recruiting and retaining volunteers
  • Onboarding them and making sure they learn the tool quickly
  • Making sure they join all the assigned campaigns on time
  • Increasing their productivity

CallHub discovered that the solution to these problems of volunteer engagement lay in our pockets. And so we brought calling and texting campaigns straight to the agents’ phones.

In this article, we’ll see how using the mobile app will get your volunteers to

  • Join more campaigns
  • Stay with you longer
  • Be more productive.

Let’s get started.

How to get more volunteers to join campaigns


Getting more volunteers to join the campaigns they are assigned to will change your campaign game. CallHub’s mobile app is designed exactly for that; to get your volunteers to engage with your campaigns more actively. 

Here are a few key ways the app improves volunteer engagement:

  • Improve attendance with daily reminder notifications.
  • Save time with quicker, easier, in-app onboarding.
  • Increase convenience by saving accounts.
  • Increase productivity with easier access.
Download the android or iOS version of the app now to see how it will power up your agents’ productivity.

Improve attendance with daily reminder notifications

When you run campaigns for months, it’s hard to keep your volunteers motivated throughout the course of the campaign. The energy and the attendance rate you see at the beginning campaign may not be the same when you are midway through the campaign. 

Solve this problem by providing a timely reminder for your agents using ‘Push Notifications’. Your campaign, cause, and their involvement in it remains on top of their mind when their phone buzzes with the notification.

Why push notifications? On average, 40% of users interact with push notifications within an hour of receiving them. Push notifications on CallHub’s mobile app help you make use of this habit. You can notify your agents or volunteers 

  • When a new campaign is assigned to them,
  • Every day when the campaign’s operational hours begin, and
  • When they have a text response.

The notifications concerning responses on your Peer to Peer Texting campaigns help agents instantly reply to your contacts with a click and take the conversation forward.


Save time with quicker, easier, in-app onboarding


With an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, the app offers an engaging experience for your volunteers, which is important in increasing retention. But sometimes, navigating a new tool takes a lot of getting used to. It can lead to lost interest and churned volunteers. 

Source: Wyzowl

Just like physical products, mobile apps are much easier to use with video onboarding. When a volunteer first signs up for your calling or texting campaigns, they may not know the available features and how to access them.

Video onboarding solves that problem.

CallHub’s mobile app offers onboarding videos that show the tool in context, walking your volunteers through the different steps, features, and screens.

Increase convenience by saving accounts

Google’s study shows that auto-filling fields completes a form 30% faster. CallHub’s app saves volunteer accounts and only requires them to log in the first time. No hassles of remembering account credentials and logging in multiple times. 

The speed and convenience, when combined, make your volunteers’ experience much better. This also helps save the time of filling the fields manually and minimizes errors. 

Download the android or iOS version of the app now to see how it will power up your agents’ productivity.

Increase productivity with easier access

A mobile app for campaigning is excellent for large-scale campaigns spread across multiple locations. With a contact-free process, your volunteers can join you from anywhere, giving them the flexibility to make calls and send texts regardless of their location and even in between their personal commitments. 

With this flexibility of logging in and out of campaigns based on their convenience, they stay with your organization long-term, increasing retention.

Run your first campaign on the app now!

With features that focus on improving how your volunteers engage with you, CallHub’s mobile app helps you 

  • Enhance your volunteers’ productivity
  • Save an enormous amount of time 
  • Empower you to focus on more impactful tasks, ultimately boosting efficiency and the return on investment. 
Download the android or iOS version of the app now to see how it will power up your agents’ productivity.

Featured image: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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