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How to Use CallHub’s Salesforce Integration to Run Powerful Texting and Calling Campaigns

Published: Dec 10, 2021

Regardless of the industry you are in, understanding your audience is highly important to offer the best experience possible. With CallHub-Salesforce integration, you have the ability to access all the data you have on Salesforce accurately and run powerful texting and calling campaigns. 

CallHub-Salesforce integration is used by people across different industries like 

  • Nonprofit, 
  • Political and 
  • Business.

This integration helps you 

  • Track contact information and interactions.
  • Use the most up-to-date CRM data to improve conversations; and thereby
  • Create more sustainable relationships with your contacts. 

Here’s what the integration entails.

In this post, we’ll highlight some tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of this integration.

How to make the most out of CallHub-Salesforce integration?

Integrating with Salesforce on CallHub helps you to sync data both ways in real time. Your team doesn’t have to update contact information manually which saves time and prevents errors. Apart from these, there are a lot more ways you can benefit from this integration. 

Let’s see how.

Use synced data(from Salesforce) to tailor conversations

We said, Salesforce integration automatically updates contact information on both platforms. With every such detail on all your contacts being available on CallHub campaign platform, you can tailor your communication to each individual. 

Let’s see how.

For instance, you’re running an SMS opt-in campaign to collect memberships for your organization. Say a contact of yours called Joe texts the keyword to your assigned number. 

Now, you initiate a conversation with Joe to find out his interests and suggest the right membership type. All the details you collect can be saved as notes and using tags on CallHub and will get synced with Salesforce. 

Now, in future, every time you want to have a conversation with Joe, you have all the details available within your campaign, and you can have a conversation that aligns with Joe’s interests.

Create detailed auto-replies to personalize experiences

With CallHub’s merge tags, all your text messages can be highly personalized. For example, with the data available on Salesforce such as your contact’s name, email, date of birth, etc. 

Now, say you need to remind Joe of the outstanding membership fee. You can personalize your message by inserting the member’s name, type of membership, the date on which the payment was due, and the amount to be paid. 

These automations reduce the repetitive tasks and help you focus on making strong individual connections with your contacts.

Create drip campaigns to move the audience through the funnel

Choose what content to send to whom and when. 

With all the data available in your campaigns, you can refine your strategies to a great extent. 

For example, say Joe has responded to your fundraising ask and donated to your organization. CallHub has a tagging feature that lets you tag your contacts to better inform your future campaigns. Use this feature to tag Joe as a donor and sync the information with your Salesforce account. 

After a few days, run a campaign targeting all the contacts tagged as donors. This campaign can focus on getting your donors to introduce someone from their network to your organization; for example, a simple referral program or even bringing them to the next event.   

Connect with leads before they go cold to increase the chances of conversion

Text leads right after they come in. 

When a contact gets added to your CRM, you already know that this person is interested in your cause/service/product. With the ability to import all the leads from Salesforce to CallHub at the click of a button, following up with a lead becomes much easier. 

Review contact engagement over multiple channels and improve communication experience

Every interaction with your contact gets logged on Salesforce, be it through texting or calling. You can review the reports and compare to see which channel is your contact most active on. Once you have this insight, all your future interactions can prioritize the channel your contact prefers the most. 

Nurture every contact to turn them into a loyal follower

Revenue forecasting is as good as the data that goes into it. 

A good conversion rate involves forming strong relationships with your audience. With all the Salesforce data in place, CallHub integration is particularly helpful when it comes to nurturing contacts. 

Set up regular touchpoints with your contacts to nurture them throughout their journey with you. The simplest effort such as letting them know you’re there to help can make a huge difference in their loyalty towards you. 

For example, your message can look something like this:

Hey {first_name}, {agent_name} here. You donated an amount of {last_donation_amount} on {last_donation_date} and we’re so grateful for that! We are upgrading you to be a VIP member of our organization.

Collect your contacts’ data for a deeper understanding of your market

With CallHub’s automatic text interactions, you can collect data from people who have opted in to your campaigns. 


CallHub lets you collect an unlimited number of data points such as name, email address, city, job title and more to build or expand your database. You can have your audience opt in using a keyword and set up automatic prompts which act as follow-up questions to collect the data.

This can also be followed up with a call to understand the contact’s interests and persuasions and save these details using notes and tags on the platform. You can choose what data gets synced with your Salesforce account and use them for your upcoming campaigns.

The bottom line is, the CallHub-Salesforce integration helps you craft more relevant and timely conversations with your contacts based on the data available on your Salesforce account. It can also act as a data collection tool for your existing contacts.

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