Eight Slogans that can be used for GOTV Campaigning

June 20, 2018 - 8 minutes read

Slogans used for Getting Out The Vote

GOTV or Get Out The Vote is an essential part of any political campaign. Being an important way to get people to vote, every GOTV poster that you see online or say, a newspaper, is usually accompanied with a strong slogan.

With the help of the right slogan, the idea or message behind a campaign really sticks in the voter’s mind and helps them remember its aim(which in this case, is to actually go out and vote).

But coming up with a well-articulated message to convince people to go out and vote isn’t as easy as you think. So in this article, let’s look at some sample slogans that can be used for a GOTV campaign.

There are some tips included at the end too, to help you come up with your own slogan!

1. To Vote Is To Exist.

'To vote is to exist' slogan

Credits: Milton Glaser

Designed by Milton Glaser for the 2016 US Elections, this slogan is a short yet powerful one (as all effective slogans are). It essentially says that if you don’t vote, you don’t exist…which means you can’t make a difference.

The opposite is true as well: if you exist, you can make a difference, however little it may be. And how do you do that? By going out and voting.

2. It’s A Simple Addition To Your Morning Routine.

'A simple addition to your morning routine' slogan

Credits: Natalia Warren

Designed by graphic design student Natalia Warren, this slogan was designed for the 2016 US elections as well. Why it works is because of the simplicity it suggests; voting doesn’t have to be a long drawn and complicated process.

Simply incorporate it into your morning routine on that one particular day and you’re good to go! After all voting day isn’t any different from any of your other days apart from the fact that you just have to vote, right? So, do it!

3. Women Have Been Voting For Nearly 100 Years. Why Stop Now?

'Women Have Been Voting For Nearly 100 Years. Why Stop Now?' slogan

Credits: Jessica Helfand

This one is clearly targeted towards female voters. It reminds voters of the suffragette movement of the mid 19th century when women began their fight for the right to vote.

The struggle that the suffragists went through for this basic right, prompts voters to respect the rights that they have in today’s world and go to the polling booth.

4. One Vote Can Rock The Boat.

'One vote can rock the boat' slogan

Credits: Laura Alwin

When you vote for somebody, you aren’t just voting for or against somebody, you’re voting for the issues that matter to you. Your vote, even though it is just a single vote, means that you are doing your part in making a change and hopefully, for the good.

Every vote makes a difference.

5. Envision your future. Vote.

'Envision your future. Vote.' slogan

Credits: Danielle Giza

This slogan emphasises on how voting for the right candidate or party or cause has a direct impact on your future.

When you think of your future, you want it to be in a stable, developed, and progressive environment, right? And how do you play your part in achieving this? By going out and casting your vote.

6. Vote. It’s What Keeps Us Free.

'Vote it's what keeps us free' slogan

Credits: Robert Giorgio

It’s often easy to forget the privileges of living in a democracy. What if you couldn’t decide anything for yourself because the government did it for you? Imagine living like that; no freedom of choice, no freedom of expression…sounds terrible, right?

That is why it is so important to exercise the right that we have to go and vote. In a way, it is a manner of expressing your freedom.

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7. Reverse The Trend. Apathy Can’t Solve Problems.

'Reverse The Trend. Apathy Can’t Solve Problems.' slogan

Credits: Chris Murphy

This one’s a shout out to the people who aren’t going to vote, yet still complain of problems going on in their countries. If you complain about things and don’t do anything to solve them, how do you expect them to change?

Apathy never is the answer. You can contribute in the simplest of ways by just going out and voting.

8. Vote As If Your Life and Country Depends On It.

'Vote As If Your Life and Country Depends On It' slogan

Credits: Ashley M. Hardy

Because in a way, it does! Taxes, employment, climate change, equality, etc are just some of the many factors that affect our lives and countries as well..

When you vote, you’re voting for the standard of your life as well. Makes one think, right?

These are just a gist of some catchphrases that can be used for a GOTV campaign. So the next question is…how do you come up with your own slogan? Here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

  • What is the main reason that you feel is important for someone to vote?

It could be for something as general yet important as a change in the way things are currently. This correspondingly could be a part of your slogan:

Don’t Wait For Change. Vote For It.

  • Keep it simple and to the point

The main idea of a slogan is for it to stick in the voters’ mindset. If your message is long or non-specific, there’s a good chance that it won’t have the desired impact.

For instance George Bush’s slogan in 2006- Real Plans For Real People– was a little too simple to convey any meaning whatsoever.

Your slogan should hit home the point, in this case, to get people to vote.

Something like: Value Your Voice. Let It Be Heard. Vote.

  • Consider your target audience

If you’re coming up with a general GOTV slogan with no particular target audience, then the above slogans should help.

But if you want to target a particular group such as women (see above), or young adults, you can create it accordingly.

For instance if you want to impact young adults and first time voters, you can try going with this message: Start Off On The Right Foot With A Vote.

Similarly, to create slogans for a political campaign, click on this link.

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