Robo Dialer Software for automated phone calls

Create campaigns fast to make automated phone calls to thousands of contacts simultaneously to deliver voice messages. No waiting for phone lines, high connection rates, instant outreach.

  • Collect responses with Press 1 campaigns.
  • Hang up or transfer calls to a live person after the pre-recorded message is played.
  • Control robo dialer frequency even when the campaign is in progress.
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What organizations use a Robo Dialer?

CallHub’s Robo Dialer is used by many organizations for public service announcements as well as solving their business needs.



Political campaigns use robo dialers to send audio messages, often recorded by a political candidate, to mobilize supporters and get out the vote.



Nonprofits send recorded voice messages to contacts to share event details, invites, donation reminders, and payment acknowledgments.



Conduct phone surveys, send appointment reminders, and drive promotions are commonly how businesses use robo dialers.



Educational organizations run robo dialing campaigns to relay submission deadlines, emergency notifications, and general updates.


Market Research

Running phone surveys, collecting customer information and other data is how market researchers leverage robo dialing.


Debt Collection

Debt collectors leave payment reminders and confirmations, as pre-recorded messages. They also connect with debtors using call transfers.

CallHub Robo Dialer Features

A typical automated robo dialer helps you deliver a voice message to all your contacts. But that’s not all you need to make the most out of your campaigns. CallHub’s robocall service provides you with features that help maximize efficiency and save on costs.

Text to speech

Create voice messages with text to speech

Create voice messages without having to record an audio. Type your message and we’ll convert the text to speech. Personalize it with merge tags.

Answering Machine

Leave voicemails for answering machines

Automatically drop a voicemail when you come across an answering machine. You can choose to drop the same message or a different one for machines.

Dynamic Caller ID

Make calls from a customizable caller ID

Rent a number of your choice or usse our dynamic caller ID feature that automatically rents local numbers to improve answer rates.

Press 1 Campaign

Transfer calls to live agents with Press-1 campaigns

Enable call forwarding by getting people to press-1 and transfer calls to a live agent. Set up to 10 digits between 0-9 for different call transfer options.

Transcript messages

Get the transcripts of messages people leave you

With voicemail transcription, you can let contacts press a digit and leave a voicemail for you. Get the audio of the voicemail and its transcript via email.

Detailed Insights

Get detailed insights with real-time reports

Get detailed call logs, analyze successful calls and track key metrics, all in real-time. Use these insights to optimize your robo dialing campaigns.

Start making robocalls today!

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Why is CallHub the perfect solution?


Unparalleled support

Our support team works round the clock to help you. We have a 94% customer satisfaction rate and respond to queries in less than 3 hours on average.

Flexible Pricing

Competitive pricing

Create an account and pay only for what you need or choose plans for discounted pricing. The most competitive calling rates across countries.


Multichannel communication

Want to send text messages to people who answered the robocall? With workflows, you can automate communication across multiple channels; all from one platform.





Avoid your calls getting labeled as scam calls by using verified phone numbers. Get the “Caller Verified” badge for your numbers and improve answer rates.


Timezone Calling

Schedule your campaigns in advance and as per different time zones. Make sure no calls are made outside of the hours mandated by the state.

Keep your data in sync with a seamless CRM Integration

Connect CallHub with your CRM software or Zapier to sync tags and contact details based on your conversations, automatically and in real-time.

Ready to start robo dialing? 

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Frequently asked questions

Are Robocalls legal?

Yes. Robocalls are completely legal if you have the contact’s written consent. Political campaigns and nonprofits are the exception and don’t need to consent to make these calls.


SHAKEN/STIR is a new technology framework introduced to reduce illegal robocalls.
When adopted, carriers validate and attest your numbers to determine whether your calls should be labeled as ‘Caller Verified’ or ‘Potential Spam’.

When you sign up for CallHub, all your calls are SHAKEN/STIR compliant, at no extra cost.
Reach out to us here and we will take care of the rest.

How much does a robo call cost?

Since robocalls are automated calls without any agents, there are no agent connection costs involved as compared to call center campaigns. You only pay for the per dial cost and nothing else. Learn more about the pricing here.

How to set up a robo dialer?

Setting up a robo dialer campaign with CallHub is just a few simple steps. You start by uploading your audio message or adding it as text. Next, select your contact list to make calls to. Rent a number of your choice, use an existing one, or use our dynamic caller ID to make the calls. Once done, set the schedule based on appropriate TCPA complaint hours and you’re all set.

How to put a phone number on a robo dialer?

With CallHub, you have complete control over the caller ID that is displayed to the receiver. You can rent a number of your choice or use an existing one that you may have. Alternatively, you can also select our dynamic caller ID feature. It automatically rents out numbers to display a local caller ID based on the contact’s locations. Local numbers have higher answer rates making this feature quite handy.

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