5 Best Political Consulting Firms

May 14, 2018 - 10 minutes read

Binge watching shows like Tanner ‘88 or House of cards will not help you run a better political campaign. If you’ve ever wondered what helps you, I’m sure you have, the answer is a good firm and consultants who know what they are doing!

Here’s a list of some of the top political consulting firms in the US. We’ve included both liberal and conservative political consulting groups.

Global strategy group (D)

Global strategy group (GSG) has six offices across the USA. It is located in New York, Washington DC, Hertford, Seattle, Denver, and Chicago.

Anthony Chiarito, senior associate public affairs, is known for his brilliant work in PR and is named as one of Observer’s rising stars: 10 most powerful young people today. Erin Billings senior vice president is a veteran communications consultant and former political reporter. She has great experience in addressing public affairs challenges and managing strategic communications.

GSG has worked with National political leaders, Fortune 100 companies, associations, and nonprofits.

The firm was named Public Affairs Agency (2104) by the Holmes Report. The consultancy is distinguished for its depth of talent, influential clients, and a great track record. It has also won Democratic Pollster of the year, Best Opposition Research, Best IE and Online Advertising Super PAC.

The ACLU hired GSG as it wanted to limit government surveillance and establish the issue in the 2016 election cycle.

Credit: Global Strategy Group

GSG conducted a national survey to show that Americans by the ratio of 2:1 did not want to the Patriot Act reauthorized. The survey was based on likely voters, screened based on their propensity to vote. The ACLU used the survey to secure media coverage in major outlets and helped inform powerful ad campaigns in eight major battleground states. The ACLU could gather tons of support with the help of GSG.

ACLU was successful in passing a vote against the authority of the government to collect bulk data on its citizens.

The firm specializes in:

  • Research and insights
  • Strategic communications
  • Digital strategy
  • Grassroots and grasstops organizing


GMMB is located in Seattle and Washington DC. It has established itself as a top firm in DC and across the nation. It provides a variety of services such as strategy development, advertising, digital engagement, graphic design, coalition building, and media relations.

Allie McKay, vice president, is a key player in the management of ad production and distribution.
Kerry-Ann Hamilton, senior vice president, is known for creating high-impact strategic communications and positioning.

The consultancy has won 10 awards in 2017 at AAPC annual pollie awards and conference. It has earned recognition for ads created for candidates and causes.

Pramila Jayapal hired GMMB and was given the job to effectively communicate her credentials through an integrated research-based media campaign. The campaign was seamless from digital to broadcast.

The initial polling showed that Pramila was significantly behind her opponent. Her tireless work and smart campaign run by Aaron Bly and his team, including partners of GMMB, lead to a victory with more than 40% votes. GMMB earned recognition for its digital campaigns (won a pollie) on behalf of Pramila Jayapal’s winning campaign, and the ballot initiative Save Lives California.

The firm specializes in:

  • Use of advanced and innovative techniques
  • Ad creation
  • Digital analytic
  • Micro-targeting
  • Media organization

Precision Strategies (D)

Precision Strategies, located in Washington DC, is lead by Stephanie Cutter, Jen O’Malley Dillon, and Teddy Goff, a team which has contributed remarkably to the Obama campaign and other high-profile campaigns and causes.

The consultancy has won Holmes Report’s Digital PR Agency of the Year (2016). The award specifically mentions three of Precision’s campaigns that catch the eye. Namely, the Coalition of Public Safety, For the John F. Kennedy Library, and the most high-profile of all, the LPC election campaign.

In 2015, the LPC (Liberty Party of Canada) hired Precision Strategies for a data-driven campaign and digital messaging tactics to persuade Canadians to vote for Justin Trudeau.

The consultancy began its work months before the election to build the infrastructure necessary to run a data-driven, grassroots campaign. The team had two goals, first to simplify and strengthen infrastructure. Second, to create strategies for targeted voter contact and communication.

Credit: Precision Strategies

The campaign had knocked over 5 million doors, made personal contacts with voters discussed their concerns, and discussed the candidate’s vision. It targeted both online and offline voters, being the largest turnout effort in Canadian history. The party won an unexpected victory in the elections securing 40% of votes nationwide.

The firm specializes in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing techniques
  • Message creation
  • Digital programs
  • Data-based measurements

FP1 Strategies (R)

Danny L. Diaz and Terry Nelson are the top names in FP1 Strategies. They are communication consultants and political strategists for the Republican party. The firm is based in Washington DC.

It has won the AAPC 2017 Gold Pollie for Best in Show. The consultancy has won several other awards among which best web testing, use of A/B testing, use of online targeting for the ballot initiative, and for a cause stands out.

The firm was hired by Rob Portman to develop a messaging strategy and advertising campaign. The aim was to showcase senator Rob Portman’s results, expose Ted Strickland’s failed record, built support among independent women and the China issue.

The TV campaigns began in 2016, focused on the candidate’s leadership in forging bipartisan solutions to heroin addiction and overdose. The first TV ad “Holly” featured emotional testimonial of a mom who lost her daughter to addition. The ad becomes very popular and gained the support of the masses.

FP1 Strategies dedicated 2015 and the early part of 2016 to release a series of videos that defined Portman’s campaign and highlighted the aims. The videos earned significant media attention in Ohio. The videos “Abyss” and “Ohio Lost Jobs” destroyed Strickland’s campaign. Senator Portman was re-elected by a commanding margin of 58 percent to 37 percent.

The firm specializes in:

  • Advertising
  • Digital engagement
  • Message development
  • Crisis management
  • PR and media relations

BrabenderCox (R)

BrabenderCox is recognized as a Republican political consulting firm, with offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The key people in the firm are John Brabender (founder), Rob Aho, Brian Nutt, Kent Gates, and Hogan Gidley. Brabender has been named as “Political guru” for kick-starting Rick Santorum’s career.

It is one of the most creative firms in America, having won hundreds of awards for work in both traditional advertising and the digital space. Their clientele includes Presidents, Governors, Senators, Professional Sports Franchises, Fortune 500 Companies, Entertainment, and Gaming Resorts, Non-Profit and Healthcare Organizations.

Todd Young hired BrabenderCox to win the Senate seat in Indiana.

As soon as Evan Bayh announced his entry BrabenderCox went to work. They stepped all over Bayh’s announcements and did not cede a news cycle to him. To win the candidate needed a series of hits that told his story and the story of his opponent cashing in Washington.

Young benefited from embracing the newest digital and data analytical tools. With this, the firm was able to run highly-targeted, efficient messages to key audience groups. They had the support of military veterans and national security voters.

Young won the elections.

The firm specializes in:

  • Adversarial marketing
  • Political advertising
  • Public affairs

5 Best Political Polling Companies

Political consulting firms must offer a wide array of services and expertise. The firms included in the list encapsulates innovation and forward thinking; understands modern political trends, journalism, media, advertising, public relations, and crisis management.