Product Hub: Powering authentic conversations with interactive call scripts

Published on January 24, 2019

In the past month, we shipped two updates to the Call Center product with—interactive scripts to power authentic conversations and a faster way for new users to identify product fit. You’ll also notice UI changes that improve the discoverability of old features to help you run smarter calling campaigns.

Read on for more details on what we shipped this month:

Adding power to phone conversations

We believe in the power of personal conversations to move people to action here at CallHub. And a convincing script sets the stage for such conversations.

During a calling campaign, a volunteer or agent would get on a call, use the script to talk, and mark contact information on survey forms. Agents would achieve this by scrolling to the bottom of the page after each question, marking the answer and then finding their way back to the right position on the script to continue talking.

Needless to say, this back and forth was frustrating and affected the natural flow of the conversation.

Collecting data should not come at the cost of meaningful dialogue. And that’s why we built interactive scripts.

With interactive scripts, agents collect information directly on the script. Whether you’re identifying supporter levels, making sure a voter received their ballot or marking prospects for a follow-up, you can capture all of that and more without losing the thread of the conversation.

Mangers can create interactive scripts

Agents answer surveys without losing context of the conversation

Letting new users realize value in a single step

What do you do before spending on a new car? Take it for a test run, of course. And the same goes for software. The faster you can sign up and realize value from a product, the more confident you are about moving forward with your decision. New users creating a call center campaign can now test out their campaign with a single click. A single click logs you in as an agent and lets you start making calls to contacts.

Following up on unanswered calls

It stands to reason that not everyone is going to pick up your call in the first attempt. They might have been busy on another call, missed the call altogether or you could have reached an answering machine. Whatever the reasons, following up with contacts who didn’t pick can drastically boost your chances of having have a conversation.

While CallHub always provided the ability to automatically retry unanswered calls, the functionality was buried within the product, often making it invisible to everyone but power users.

We’ve improved the discoverability of the ‘Retry’ option and also made it easier to add calls into the retry queue.