“CallHub Reduced Our Text Costs by 55%!” NUHW’s Texting Journey with CallHub

Published on June 18, 2024

The National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), headquartered in California, represents 19,000 healthcare workers in facilities across California, including hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, school districts, and correctional facilities. They undertake contract bargaining, line picketing, strikes, and petition signing on behalf of their members. 

NUHW members in action. Photo Credits: Karna Roe

Communication with members, organizations, and other stakeholders, thus forms an important pillar of the functioning of NUHW. Among the diverse channels they use, texts are used for reminders, updates, and other broadcasts that the NUHW communications department sends. They text frequently, sometimes sending multiple text broadcasts to different membership segments on the same day.

That’s where CallHub features with NUHW.

We have been honored to work with them since 2020. 

NUHW’s relationship with CallHub

Shannon Goecke

We spoke with Shannon Goecke, a communications specialist at NUHW, about their journey with CallHub. “I love working with the Customer Success team and having quarterly check-ins with my assigned manager. They come into the meetings having looked at our account and what we have been up to, ready to suggest something that improves the way we work.”

One such suggestion to Shannon was the “Convert to MMS” feature, which would reduce the cost of a single texting campaign by over 55%!

Convert SMS texts to MMS

NUHW had a campaign that targeted almost their entire membership list—a contact list size of 15,000—with a text message 4-5 segments long! (Each segment is priced as a separate SMS, although it appears as a single text to the subscriber.) Since the length quadrupled the price per text, we suggested that Shannon simply opt to convert the text to MMS next time.


Once enabled for your account (free of charge), you can just select a box to convert your text to MMS. By converting, you

  • Save costs if your text contains 2 or more segments
  • Include Unicode characters without a restricted character limit
  • Get the option to add media files to your text message.

In-built URL tracker

CallHub has an in-built URL shortener and tracker, another feature that Shannon loves. “Unlike email, you can’t really track open rates and click rates on text messages. But with the URL tracker, you can. I love that function; it’s fantastic! Thank you, URL shortener!”

With the URL tracking feature, NUHW staff can track clicks (i.e., engagement) on their campaigns. Since their use cases include petition signatures and such other campaigns that have a call to action (“I believe every communication must have a CTA,” says Shannon), this feature enhances the campaigns further.

CallHub’s URL shortener and tracker:

  • Reduces the risk of carriers filtering your message if they suspect spam links shortened from external sources
  • Gives you the option to personalize the link with merge tags and data available in your contact list (e.g., first name of the contact)
  • Lets you add UTM parameters
  • Allows you to customize the back half (e.g., nuhw.org/petition).

“Excellent tech support!”

NUHW depends on CallHub to keep members engaged, including more than 4,000 mental health providers at Kaiser Permanente. Photo credits: Karna Roe

We’re especially happy that Shannon and NUHW appreciate CallHub’s technical support. “In the three years I’ve used CallHub, I have seen your company grow. The tech support people were always prompt, and I know that if I send a request, as soon as your office opens, I will get a reply.”

We have also developed a chat box inside the app to resolve frequently asked questions without the customer having to wait for our agent. This reduces the time required to resolve your queries, and if your question cannot be answered by the bot, an agent will step in.

“In most other companies, it’s not always possible to have somebody on the chats. But CallHub does…”

To Conclude

NUHW does excellent work in the US, representing healthcare workers and fighting for a better work environment for them. CallHub is glad to be a part of that mission. Texts form an integral part of their communication, and we aim to support NUHW in whatever capacity we can.

Feature image credits: NUHW.