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Political campaign slogans for school board election

Published: Oct 4, 2017

School board elections are getting bigger every year. With campaign budgets reaching into the millions for some school district races, candidates and supporters are leaving no stone unturned in winning over voters. From drawing up a campaign budget to creating a communication strategy, you need to figure out every step to stay ahead of the opponent.

One such step is creating a fine campaign slogan. When coming up with a slogan you have to keep the voter in mind. After all, the slogan is meant to make their decision easier for the voter.

So here are some things to take into account when coming up with a slogan for a school board election.


Create an emotional connection

An emotional connection is the key to a good slogan. Take the voter’s interests into account and reflect them through the campaign slogan. The slogan should make the voter realize that the candidate cares about the same things as them. This will lead them to choose to support the candidate.

Relate to the campaign message

The campaign message that you have decided on strategically places you as a better choice over the opponent. The slogan should relate to the message as well. All of your voter communication should remind the voter of the core message. The slogan, being easy to remember, is the best way to keep the campaign message on top of the voter’s mind.

Contrast from the opponent

The slogan should place the candidate in direct contrast to the opponent. The effect should be subconscious on the voters’ minds, where your strength plays off on the opponent’s weakness in the same area. However, take note that you do not mention the opponent directly. You do not want the takeaway for the voters to be the name of the opponent.

Keep it short

On top of being relatable, the campaign slogan has to be catchy. For that, it has to stick to the voter’s mind and be easy to say. The best practice here is to go for a slogan that is short and memorable. After all, what worth is a slogan that alludes to a deep message but does not carry any recall value for the voter?

Keep it straight

Another thing to remember is to make it easy for the voter to decide who to vote for. The campaign slogan plays an important part in the voter’s journey. Avoid abstract concepts where the voter is supposed to imagine a better future through your win. Placing words like “progress” and “prosperity” in a slogan isn’t going to help the voter come to the conclusion that you are a better candidate.

It’s not about wordplay

A mistake candidates often make with slogans is that they try too hard. A campaign slogan which does not suit the candidate’s profile ends up alienating the voter. The slogan does not have to sound cool or keep up with trends. Rhyming or going for a play on pop culture references is no guarantee of a great slogan.

Reflect on one or more issues

It is better to create a campaign slogan which encompasses one or more issue in the voters’ minds. The slogan should reflect on the issues the school district is facing. Remember that the voters in a school board election would generally be someone who has stakes in the election like teachers or parents of students. They would be willing to support and go out to vote for a candidate whose slogan aligns with the issues that stick out in their mind.

Spread the word

Finally, remember the campaign slogan is a summary of the messages or issues which you want to focus on. So the slogan should be easy to communicate and present the candidate to the people. It should build the image of the candidate in the voter’s mind. Use it on all of the campaign signs, literature and speeches so the voter gets accustomed to hearing the slogan.

These steps will help you in figuring out a slogan for your school board election campaign. Mario Cuomo once said: “You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose.” Bring out the inner poet in you or find a writer who can help you come up with a great slogan that sums up the image of the candidate. With a fine slogan, you can stay on top of the voter’s mind and be sure to get them to come out and vote on election day.

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